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Finding Our Purpose

February 22, 2019
By oulvin BRONZE, Park Rapids, Minnesota
oulvin BRONZE, Park Rapids, Minnesota
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In nature there are many diversities, all the way from little inanimate leaves falling from the trees around me to the large animate hawk flying above me. The hawk I watched flew around to catch prey. It needed it to feed its young and itself. The hawk must provide to help the survival of its family. The hawk was also flying for enjoyment. It did this primarily for its own enjoyment. Just like the Hawks provide for their young, leaves help trees receive nutrients. They also bring visual enjoyment to people. Joy is what gives us life-it’s all about balance. To live and to survive are two very different things. While survival is necessary to live, finding meaning in life is truly living.

Going to the school forest with part of my graduating class brought new realizations into my mind. I realized this is one of the last trips we will all take together. Soon, we will all be going different places and doing different things. It is strange to think that the people I grew up with and spent most of my days with won’t be in my life on a regular basis. I realized that my life will change drastically very soon. It is going to be a hard transition to “the real world” as some say. I believe the real world is now, and everything we do now impacts our lives. I focus on what my purpose will be.

As I wandered around the school forest, I tried to find a spot to sit and write. I thought about the sounds and smells around me. I could see and smell the crisp freshness. The leaves’ colors and the cool air was an amazing atmosphere- I loved it. The multitude of fall colors is like the way everyone in this class is different Every leaf has special quirks that give it its own disposition. Knowing we will all do something different in our lives gives me hope. I wish the best for all of my classmates.


Everyone is different and has a different path.        

Finding my path in life is what I am currently struggling with. I want to find my purpose and do something meaningful. Everyone’s definition for purpose is different. One person’s purpose could mean something big to them, but mean very little to everyone else. For me helping others as well as helping myself is important. Going to college next year I am most focused on discovering my path. I hope to find what is most meaningful to me.

One thing that I know to be meaningful to me is my grandmother, who loves the outdoors. Birds are one aspect of nature she really enjoys. She knows almost every bird in Minnesota. As I watched the red-tailed hawk fly above me I thought of her. The hawk is strong and powerful. This hawk above me isn’t afraid of anything in her way; she goes into each day without hesitation. My grandmother is a strong powerful hawk. With long outstretched arms she brings in so many people around her. She helped mold me into the person I am today. She is a great role model, and I look to her for help in my everyday life. She helps me make important decisions, and I have many big important decisions to make soon. She has been there in every aspect of my life. I know I can always count on her. She tells me to keep a smile on my face and a melody in my heart. I’m not sure where she came up with this, but it is a great saying that has a lot of meaning. I say it to myself every day. This saying reminds me of her and helps me get through hard classes.

Finding help in those around me will help me get through rough times. When those who care about me help me by giving wisdom, it gives me strength to push through. Everyone has hard times, but my hard time is now. My family helps me in my decisions as well as my friends. Many of my friends are going through similar struggles. Hearing what they have to say and how we all help each other is amazing. We all help one another decide what is best for ourselves. We will all be separated soon just as the leaves separate from the trees in the fall, which will be difficult, but we must all follow our own path in life.

Above me a hawk is flying. I see the way it positions its body to the left to glide in the wind. One big flap of its wings send it soaring forward. I notice its every move. It has flown by multiple times. I wonder what it is doing and why it has flown by this area so many times. I wonder what the hawk’s purpose is. I wonder what my purpose is or what it will be.

As I follow the leaf covered path back to the bus to reunite with my classmates I think about how great our futures are and what great things we all have in store. We all have bright futures and I hope we all find a bigger purpose.

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