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Its Time To Drop-out of the College Stereotype

March 27, 2015
By JackieB172 BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
JackieB172 BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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Imagine having hours of work accompanied by stress, costly fees, and on top of that you’re running out of time. This is what it’s like to get a college education for some. Others are mostly young adults taught over and over again the same stereotypical view that college will only lead to a successful career and will help in your future. However, they do not realize that college is not the only way to become successful. College is not worth its enormous costs and time occupant work, on top of it all the high school education has become much more advanced.

Firstly, going to college is not worth it because there is enough already taught from a high school education. For example, the amount taught in high school has increased by 47 %. (“Do You Really Have To Go To College?”). With so much more already being learned in high school there doesn’t become much of a need for college. Why keep learning about what you already know? Steve Jobs past lead representative of Apple Company stated, “I learned more in highschool than I did in the 2 years of college before I dropped out.” (An Inside Look At Steve Jobs). Steve Jobs was very successful at his job and even seems to agree, saying it for himself that he learned more in highschool than he did in the 2 years he took of college. Some college teachers are even fussing up. Admitting that high school has changed. High school professor of Stanford states, “ The high school teachings have become much more advanced in past years. ” (Stanford

Secondly, college is not worth it because going to college means less family and self time. There is an average amount of twenty hours of work given weekly when attending college ( With hours upon hours of work how would it be possible to have time for anything else! Take it from Matthew Evans, 4 year college graduate of Princeton University. “ There is definitely a time when you start to appreciate your family a lot more, and you certainly miss them. ” There are also very few times when visits to home or relatives are allowed.  “ Normally students are allotted 4 visits a year, excluding spring breaks or holidays.” ( This makes contact with family even harder.


Lastly, college is not worth it because it is extremely costly. “Among four-year grads who took out loans, average debt is about $25,000.” (“Is College Worth It? Clearly, New Data Say”). When students get such debt so early on in their lives it leads to more chance of debt in later years because of how long it will take them to pay debts off. Another example of the expenses of college are when paying for travel costs. When living in a college dorm the fee can be up to $10,000 more. When not living on a campus the money that it takes to commute is very costly over time. What Affects this even more is that there are high gas prices, costs for train or bus tickets/passes, and also toll booth prices across highways or busy interstates. “Commuting every morning makes this price do some hefty damage to the bank account.” (“Attending College”).

Some argue that College is worth it because it helps you get a career to become successful. However, not every job requires a college education to be successful at it. There are many successful Artists, musicians, youtubers who dropped out or didn’t attend college at all. For example, musicians like Austin Carlile, Jack barakat, Oli Sykes, and Kellin Quinn have millions of fans and supporters and they get paid to do what they love. Famous youtubers such as Tyler Oakley, Connor Franta, and Zoe Sugg have literally millions of subscribers and are getting paid from the millions of views that come along with their youtube career. These people can use their creativity to be successful instead of being restrained from the knowledge of textbooks.These are just a few of the many people to name! “I tried to want to go [to university], but in my heart I knew it wasn’t right,” (Youtube video with fellow youtuber Louise; Should You Go To Uni?) “...When most of her friends were getting into serious debt, she was already beginning to support herself.” (“Youtubers Who Didn’t Go To College”). Jack Barakat, singer for the popular band All Time Low states "I was the only one that didn’t even apply to college, there was no back up plan for me. I told my parents that if the band didn’t work out I’d start community college and figure it out from there but I knew the second I applied for college was the second I take my mind off this band. I was 17." ("RockSound Magazine; In Conversation With All Time Low’s Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth”)
In conclusion, there are so many opportunities even without receiving a college education like the ones that were stated previously which make it clear going to college is not really worth it. Why choose to be frustrated by less family, less time, excessive amounts of work, and enormous costs when you don’t have to be!

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