Health of Democracy

By , Allahabad, IN
Democracy is a form of government system in which the government is chosen from the common man and it works for that common man and the representative are also selected among themselves . so it is rightly said it’s a form of government for that people , by the people from the people ..

India being one of the oldest democratic country of the world has seen many changes in its democratic system but lately it has been there is an influence of certain section of society and people over the working of the government which has led to a widening gap between number of rich and poor in the country . the common man is not getting his shares of value in a democratic country which he must get . in present days it has been seen that many people such as social as social activities , reformers and political reformers are rising there voice for this in correct from of democracy in which the common man is suffering although he abites all rules and regulation . .

A new party has been recently set up and also warm in one of the leading states was advocating a fact that there must be a participation of government and common people to remove this corruption and would try to change the present democratic system into a more open and transparent system in which the common man could be benefited with such a approach this is making a great impact in today political environment as people belive them to do parties are also compiled to change there way of governance . so I think that this is a good step to change the health of the democratic and increase public participation .

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