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By Vince F., Wilmington, DE

     College is one of the biggest things on a lot of high-school students’ minds. By junior year, all you think about is applying to colleges and choosing a major. Since I started eleventh grade, my mind has been constantly focused on college. I, like many others, am still undecided on my major and college choice. To help out with that, I attended a college fair.

When I arrived I saw over a hundred tables set up with brochures and pamphlets. It was a bit overwhelming. I had no idea what tables to stop at, so I selected colleges with familiar names. Five minutes later, my dad and I got separated and I spent 20 minutes searching for him. This wasn’t the type of searching I was planning on doing. When we finally reunited, I got serious and started to get into the swing of things.

When you stop at a table, you usually see a pamphlet or two and an information card to complete. If you fill these out, you receive packets in the mail about the colleges. I strongly encourage you to fill out as many as possible because the information you receive is valuable and helpful, including the majors offered, financial responsibilities, and some specs about the campus.

Another great thing about college fairs is the financial aid tables. We all know that colleges are very expensive, and I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t have that much money in the bank. At the fair, you receive important facts about how to get government financing and how to earn scholarships and grants.

Attending a college fair may overwhelm you at first, but you have to get used to things. Just grab as much information as possible and sort it out at home. If you know what you would like to major in, focus on the colleges that specialize in those areas. If not, choose colleges according to your interests and financial ability. Selecting a college is not just something you do overnight, it takes time and research. Your decision may affect the rest of your life, so choose wisely.

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i love this !

Romero said...
on Sep. 23 2014 at 3:15 pm
Very helpful, gets me excited to start applying for colleges.

ShipraB BRONZE said...
on Aug. 10 2014 at 1:07 pm
ShipraB BRONZE, Greer, South Carolina
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This article really does capture the mindset of people looking for colleges, and it is really helpful in acknowledging all aspects of the search!

on Mar. 28 2014 at 7:48 pm
izzy_0314 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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This article is a very helpful one indeed. College has been on my mind for awhile and this helped me on tips to get information on it. Thanks!