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And I am...a Marvel fan

February 1, 2023
By Friendshipismagic084 BRONZE, Balearic Islands, Other
Friendshipismagic084 BRONZE, Balearic Islands, Other
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Imagine lying down on the sofa to watch a movie. What would you watch? 

I think your best option is watching Marvel’s cinematic universe. Watching this saga, that brings the incredible superheroes of the comics to the screen, is my favourite free time activity.

I love all Marvel content. It has science fiction and comedy, what more can you ask for? The special effects are incredible. Every time you watch a new film, it makes you want to watch the next one. The most inviting thing is that everything is connected.

The best series I have ever seen is Agents of Shield. It happens parallel to the main Avengers’ story. It’s about a spy agency led by a man that works in the shadows and everyone takes for dead.

I recommend Marvel to everyone since its plot is engaging and very elaborate. When you watch Marvel, you are also improving your imagination. In my case, I think about different endings and new movies. Or you might wonder how your favourite superheroes wouldn’t be dead if they had done other things. Fortunately, with the new Multiverse saga, everything is possible.

Marvel is my entertainment during my free time. It has intriguing plots and fascinating special effects. After watching it, your imagination will grow and create your own multiverse and superheroes. So, make some popcorn, grab a drink and watch the incredible Marvel saga.

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An article of my favorite thing, the MCU

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