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The Wrinkle

December 14, 2018
By Anonymous

It would be over something so minute. My stomach would cramp and I’d put on my best lying voice. “No mommy I didn’t break your vase.” 6 years old. “No mom I didn’t stay up late in my room, after you told me to go to sleep.” 10 years old. So on and so on. Every lie I’d tell, even though I was so sure I told it so well, my mom would reply with the same sentence; “honey, I know you’re lying. I see the wrinkle in your forehead.” My mom had me convinced that it was something only moms could see. A wrinkle that would appear on a child’s forehead when they would tell a lie. I believed this until I was around eleven or twelve. Everytime I would tell a lie I would try so hard to make my forehead “flat.” Until one day, she broke the truth to me.

Every lie I wold, she could see right through me. There was never any wrinkle, but to get me to stop telling lies she would tell me there was. Even though I still did tell little lies, I know it stopped me from doing it frequently. My mom can always see right through me. All and all, this taught me that no matter how hard you try to make your forehead flat; your mom will always know what you’re up to. I plan to use this trick on my kids one day.

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