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Name Essay

December 12, 2019
By dragonflys SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
dragonflys SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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A complicated mouthful of a name. Every part of a name should have a big meaning—but mine doesn’t. Having an oceanful name with no waves is how I see it. 

Not having a deeper meaning from my parents gives me the opportunity to make it for myself.

other picked Rose for my middle name not because its her favorite flower, but because it was the wallpaper in the delivery room. My Father picked Stephanie, because he's never heard of a weak Stephanie.

Not having a deeper meaning from my parents gives me the opportunity to make it for myself.

Stephanie means the crowned one—meaning royalty. Almost like a princess. A girl with blonde, stick straight hair, wearing a pastel pink dress with a golden crown perfectly placed in the center of her head. But this is not me. I am a girl that played football. Who played growing up in the mud. My name breaks the standards of this fragile uptight girl who sits around waiting for things to fix or do themselves.  I learned that if I fall down stay down roll around in the mud, laugh and get up and try it again. 

In a room, I feel that I give off a light green glow. I don’t give off too much attention to others, but certain people pay attention. The people that pay attention are the people I care about or need in my life. When I was younger I wanted my name to be Sam. Plain old Sam. I wanted my name to be the only thing they could say about me. Not being called anymore names or nicknames like Steph or Stephy anymore.

 Then I grew out of it, I now learned love my name that my parents gave me. I now love my name, because it unique to and for me. My name gives me confidence. My friends have given me a nick name of Tiff, I don’t understand why, but I love that nickname. 

When I was younger, I feel like everyone loved this pastel pink, dress,Stephanie then she changed. Not for the good. Or for the bad. She just grew up a bit. She doesn't play football or hockey anymore with the boys. She is more immersed in her passions of writing, photography, but never leaving hockey.  

I am a girl with brown thick haired birds nest on top of my head. I wear big hoodies and I aspire to be no one but myself. I like that about myself with my new like minded thoughts. 

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