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Quarter Reflection

December 12, 2019
By dragonflys SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
dragonflys SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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This past quarter I’ve learned a lot about myself as a writer. I learned that I am not that good at coming up with topics to write about very fast. For warming up for quick writes I can come up with something to write about, because It’s usually something that's happening in my life or its a fictional short story. For the welcome letter, name essay and the advocacy letter I didn’t like as much. I’m more of someone who like creating and making up stories. They weren't bad assignments it’s just something I wouldn’t prefer writing about these topics, but I believe it helped me as a young, learning writer. It helped strengthen my other sides to my writing. I have already been taught so much and how to aporbitly write down your thoughts and how to get your ideas across on paper and make it loud and clear on what your trying to say. The paper that I really enjoyed was the college essay. It took awhile for me to write but I believe that it was good and is one of the reasons I got into UW-Oshkosh Fox valley. The college essay was the assignment I was passionate about. I made sure to add many stylistic devices, no dead words and not super wordy.  In the piece to make it seem like the reader was there with me and as if they were feeling as what I was feeling. The no dead words and not making it wordy helped my essay seem very professional and easy to read. My college essay I had two of my friends, my mom and two other teachers look over it so I am very proud of my essay. It was very time consuming, but I am very happy with how it turned out in the end. “Winter sports, mental illness and the big girl” was my title and attention grabber within itself. “I look down the mountain— the sun is starting to set; purples and blues paint over the sky. My heart starts to quicken, grasping the poles tighter, pulling goggles down. I take a moment to look at the view boom I hear nothing but my skis grinding over the icy snow mixture. My legs are burning, trees covered left and right, and the snow path in front of me is all I see. I’m focused and on top of the world. It’s only me. The wind stinging my face as glide down. Within a split second, I’m at the bottom and everyone is looking at me strangely.” This part of my essay I felt was powerful and get anyones attention that read it. For needs of improvement I need to use less words and more explaining words. I get a little better with show not tell, but I still need to work on them a little better.  I treat my writing as if it were a fragile feather. Not to make too much, but also just enough. My strengths are that I enjoy writing and i'm adapting to new ways very quickly and learning new things fast. My goals are to get faster with my writing and more proficient with my writing and using more stylistic devices and use show not tell. I also hope that we have another college writing piece in class. With writing for scholarships or maybe writing poetry for a prize. I think this would be fun to do and would help the seniors a lot in this class have to opportunity to possibly win some money for college. 




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