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Tick Tok, Times Ticking

December 10, 2019
By ihperez BRONZE, Revere, Massachusetts
ihperez BRONZE, Revere, Massachusetts
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Here I am catching myself staring at a blank screen for five minutes thinking about how I am going to even complete this assignment. I haven’t even started yet, and already I am comparing something that isn’t even created to Allie Gage’s piece. As I ponder what object to choose that is my mental backpack, I can’t seem to hear my thoughts. Why you may ask? I try to focus in, but the loud clicking has not stopped ticking like a clock. Ironically, I don’t have a clock in sight, so I begin to ponder am I just imagining a clock? I was once taught by a past English teacher to set aside a timer as your writing. With this, I was either able to estimate how long it would take me to write the assignment, or I could try finishing before the estimated time given. Racing against the clock always caught my attention more, because there’s less time to get distracted. And that’s exactly what I did, GO! Usually, the first few sentences are rushed because I have a whole assignment to complete in forty-five minutes, but there is no way the clock is beating me this time. I’ll have time to edit those rushed sentences in the end, but right now my heads in the game. Luging around a whole dangerous audience while writing has got me nowhere besides deeper into writer’s block. I am the student who will type, two sentences then go back and correct any mistakes. As I am doing this, I realized my time is ticking away making my palms moister with each word. I begin to get agitated with the abundance of thoughts that are coming to my head, but not being able to have enough hands to type all these ideas. Then a visitor burgee into my room, could you guess who? My most favorite dangerous reader ever, Professor A. Oh man, when I see her presence my heart dropped and immediately, I stopped writing. While she was walking in, she has a clear view of my computer screen and forcefully rips it away from me. I look at her in utter shock, like “um excuse me!! You walked into my room and didn’t even say hi?” She made me furious, but the harassment didn’t stop there. She starts to read over the assignment and laughs at it, right in front of my face. That broke me and I let go of all hope I had in finishing this assignment. She drops it back on my bed and replies with “ENL 105 will be part of your schedule once again I see.” I got up and opened the door for her, and kindly told her to get out of my sight immediately. As soon as she walked out, I slammed the door so hard the house shook. I jumped onto my bed and was so angry I even let her come in in the first place. I ripped the case I had on my keyboard off because I was so agitated with it. Then the ticking began to get louder, louder, and closer. I was oblivious to the keyboard clicks because my brain was so clouded. My breathing and heart rates are faster than it was when I started this exercise. I realized I need to ground myself before I try to complete this assignment, with three full deep breaths I forget to pause my timer. Ring! Ring! I beat myself up for not getting as far as I wanted too, but this is the farthest I ever expected to get.

The author's comments:

This piece is an inside view of how I race against the clock but still get agitated about the noises that surround. I am a Sophmore who is looking for a new view on writhing. 

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