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When voices come alive

July 7, 2012
By MonuVeronica, Salem, Other
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MonuVeronica, Salem, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Life is an Art, And it is you who is the ARTIST!

It takes a moment for the sun to rise,
It takes a moment for the sun to set;

It takes a moment for a child to be born,
It takes a moment for a person to die;

It takes a moment for a flower to bloom,
It takes a moment for the flower to bud;

It takes a moment for someone to smile,
It takes a moment for someone to cry;

It took Him a moment to think of a garden,
It took Him a moment to mould Eve and Adam,

It took Him a moment to breathe his soul,
A moment means a lot to you and God too!

A world so beautiful, a world of God’s imagination,
A world so creative, a world meant for innovation.
Beautiful is the Earth embroidered by the colors of nature,
Leaving us to wonder as to who would be its creator;

The bright and beautiful sunlight yellow,
Makes the waters sparkle in the mountains’ below;
Sunset followed by dusk paints the sky in shades of red,
Petals of flowers have already gone to bed.

Blue covers the mountains as we see from afar,
Black is the night sky, as though covered with tar;
Violet takes the lead in a rainbow,
Green is the grass, that fills the meadow;

Clouds float like angels, dressed up in white,
It is nature’s gift; presenting the “HUES OF DELIGHT”…

Down through the largest lagoons, like a peaceful float sailing,
Through even the hardest storms, very calm like the gentle breeze prevailing,
Never saying never, it makes its way to reach the awaiting lands-
Its own desire; Like within our heart and soul to make up our leaving hands
Like clouds caressing the breeze like flowers driving the bees.
The dewdrops adorn -the velvet green splendor grass, I see.

Whatever made the stars to look even down into the earth?
To twinkle at our love? What made the clouds cry at the worth
Of long awaited silence born with tears like a child’s birth,
Hours that were flying like the wishing tail sparkling. Henceforth,
Did the angels fly upon us with smiling bells, showering upon all
The sweetest dreams of desire that did come true, hearing one’s heart’s call

Just between you, just between me let this remain forever
The rhythm to rhyme, the soul of mine, in thy deepest heart forever and ever!

Blindly covering the sands of life, with the drying black clays;
One of the worlds, have lost its eye, between the seas of child’s play;
Covered up like clues, between every tiny rock- the dreaded ravines;
Those blood shedding tears in those tiny little hands, of God’s divine;

Like dried dells around, the LIGHTS turning the souls on and off,
When seconds of theirs’ engulfs the precious lives between those silent dark hours..
‘TRUTHS’- which rhymes the errors of life; here it turns beyond those dying lies,
Those folded ‘BLIND DEATH’, along the high ridges, to heights it rise;

Of leaving those alone- those HATES fail to ‘LOVE’, those FATES fail to ‘REIN’,
Like “DUNGEONS OF DOOM”, made are they to fall into faults of time;
SAVOURS are VENOMS, that stab one’s core, with tears that shed,
Cries of REGRETS, with the touch of panics, to dwell inside the painful dread;

“SILENCE IS THEIR WEAPON”, that unreal joy, the smile of death in their face;
Never ending TRUTHS, blindly fades the light away from their counting days..

Very far it seems, the bond today-
For the last time , before I away could part;
I felt your hand, at my fingertip- this day;
My eyes showed joy, but not my heart;

Wanting to dart away, the cries of my soul
Wishing to lie in your arms, to pour out-
What my soul did say, your part in my life’s role;
Peering into your eyes, to share those words – unspoken!

Silently dwelling inside, like a dew in a rose,
White light that spread from the stars in the dark;
“The MOON and the NIGHT”, their love did fill like a breeze that blows;
“Smile” a fragrance they together did spread, A Beautiful sight!

It is all my time to bid goodbye, my stop has come,
This point to leave you and let our journey to begin with glee,
Though not together but in thoughts “ONCE ONE WERE WE!”

Some time I close my eyes to think, sometimes to cry;
Sometimes I open out my heart to say, sometimes to sigh;
Each and every second is my every beat with you,
The world didn’t end and so don’t our love and you!

The sun keeps smiling just for you and me,
The moon keeps hiding from all that to see..
Those days with you I thought were never to end,
‘Coz I know u were to me and I were to you ”Forever Friend”

My eyes seems wet ‘coz our life is long,
It is true, obstacles and happiness are together strong;
Lot of miles and rocks between u all and me,
How long does it take, just to think to be?

The wind of the clouds seem to hold my hand,
In just your place none can fill! Never in this land!

Fears of getting closer to pains, seem engulfing my soul,
An unbroken rock of hurdles seem in the path to my goal;
Often I need you, very often I mean, even beyond my After-life,
Each hour, every minute, each second, in my every day’s strife;

A tiny drop, like from a cloudy sky, my tears wet my face;
I couldn’t stop, without your sight, it is keeping my heart at faze!
Tonight it means there is a day ahead, to hold onto-
But without your presence every dawn into dark falls to;

Why ever should there be a break? Not with us, but time?
When never you are near, my pain engulfs and my words just fail to rhyme.
Why should there be miles between, this never felt belief?
When my sorrows fail to retire, and my heart seeks no relief!

Coming close would it help? Not just thoughts but together our hearts,
Even when we live in two different worlds let forever this never dart!

Till now the words you spoke still echo;
Down so deep in my heart- your voice I hear;
Looking through the window sill, the Rain drops,
That slides; I remember those tears for you I bear.

My eyes that always remember you, the thought that crops;
My hands that felt your cries- that killed;
My heart that lives in bliss, It willed-
‘Never will our bond part- your soul and mine’.

Like a pearl upon the velvet green- lay the morning dew,
To the farthest of the rocky tops, were the clouds of rain sewn;
Down it poured the silver rain, that chilled the rays of golden sun;
Muddles on the sandy ground, I remembered the footprints you laid and all the fun;

Without you knowing, into your little heart –I freak;
Without you saying the words of your smile- I seek;
Through this drastic pathway, and through the hardy rocks,
Were you always holding besides me, my hand and my thoughts..

Never ending was your tone in this path of deadlocks,
You just stood still beside me, ‘My Shadow and You’!

You became my friend, not when I was born in this world
You became my friend, not when the sun and moon appeared
You became my friend, not when I first shed my tears
You became my friend, not when I first spread my laughter
You became my friend, not when I slipped out of mind
You became my friend, not when I first saw you
You became my friend, when I first met you alone
You became my friend, when victory turned to you,
You became my friend, not because of all these
But because I felt my heart in you!- ever loving friends.

The bells of friendship has rung
The song of my heart is sung
Smiling with gay, beat from my heart to say
I wish you a very happy friendship day!

On this very special occasion,
For you dear teacher- this thanks giving;
For teaching us life‘s excursion,
And the meaning of a successful living;

From the time we reached your hand
You molded our heart and soul,
Teaching us this practical land,
Aspiring to set our goal;

Through the way of this competitive world,
You held our thorns and showed us light;
Taking us into the education world,
Good thoughts you filled, and showed us sight;

Simple, courageous, elegant and kind
All these we saw only in you- my dear teacher!
From you we learnt how together we can bind,
And make many things happen;” Unity” –you preached us!
For all these you’ve taught and cared for us,
“Thanks” is not just the word we can say,
But here we are all together to wish you,

“Lullaby of the moon
The symphony of the rain
Ballet of the flowers,
Sparkling of the stars,
Together here we are to witness
This concert of a beautiful night”
Sang my heart this way-
I loved to sing and say;

Meaning to my life you gave,
Our tie will bloom even over grave;
From the time of first human’s-roar,
Not a single one from above earth’s-core,

Except for you and me; none in this domain-
Can defeat death and win over everlasting life;
“Never felt true lifeblood”-for others;
“Aroma of life is what we feel each jiffy

Silence was the word together that shared
Seep in our soul in the heart it glared;
Gently you touched -this bleeding heart,
“The first healing touch” of any other sort;

So slow but strong form a seed it grew;
This love-from apart together ours souls it drew;
You’re the one made for me, said my heart with stubborn
And I kept a bet on it; for the first time, I failed.

You were there with me from the time I was born-
Hidden inside my heart as my heart-unseen
With me, at all times, you have been-
As my all: my love; my best love, my ever love

Clearing the dark, for more than a mile-
It lightened our lives and spread the smile;
Like the dew from heaven, into a precious pearl,
Shone in our hearts “Our Love”- first time
Serene and soft without a lurk or whirl,
Together it stitched our hearts to bind!

Settling in a way, undisturbed; letting the hues flowing throughout me,
Smiles like the bushes growing to be cropped by thy words, the fail to glee;
Fully knowing that my heart is hurt; unsaid you leave and unknowingly hurt,
Though believing, that it will be over, we take our step to only move on.

Fainting colors that leave a sully face, just to trust for another dawn,
Time that speed through age’s phase, building around a forlorn lawn;
Shaded trees compelling to grieve, the dark holes have started to bleed,
Redness in my face that thrives, leaving not my heart to lead;

Step after step I fall down to the earth, the skies are threatening my soul
Dark clouds have begun to engulf, my shadow thro’ dungeon’s hole;
Every time you hold my hand, through the angels I fly in love,
But my soul has been dug, to reap into dusts all through now:

Save me, my dear, I have no music to play, thy rhythms seem low,
Our song of love should never end, give them life to grow!

Coming into my life you are standing still,
Sharing unspoken words you seem to kill;
Am made to fall with your silence inside,
Hurting my heart, letting the time just glide;

My heart is just broken, my tears are changing red,
Don’t turn my life to stone, the blood I shed;
I came to you, but you just threw me away,
But now you say, it is me who swayed;

Don’t let me alone and move afar,
Better just kill me in this silent war!

At last it peeped out
The words of my heart-
In the silence- A shout,
Before the arrow could dart.

The war has ended;
The silent war-
Had our hearts together blended,
In the cold dark hour.

My heart it killed;
So deep inside,
So painful it drilled;
The sorrow seed, And I really died!

Now everything is gone,
I’m here for you buddy,
From my heart to say this,
You are the best, my Busy Bee!

Through my dreams I’m dashing through,
Into the forest to where our friendship drew;
Tall trees so green with nectar hives,
In the honey so sweet our friendship dives;

Buzzes the bees around the red flower in bloom,
Like the special place for you, in my heart- a room;
I wonder which angel carried you to this earth,
Which made my life, so special after your birth;

Together like the trees, should our happiness spread,
Like the flower in bloom, never should our friendship be dead…

Many more happy returns of the day,
These special words we were waiting to say…
What’s more special than giving you presents and joy?
Buddy, it is your special day, and we wanna see you enjoy;

Times from when you were small, we have seen you smile and play,
But today is yours, and we are here to make you happy and gay.
It was today, when a decade back you were born,
On a really bright and beautiful morn;

You are my lucky star!
An angel! God sent from really afar
My best friend is what you are,
You’ve helped me get really far

A blessing is what you really are,
Happy Birthday my lucky Star!

I still see your face in my dreams,
It hurts and it doesn’t help at all,
I still want you in my life,
As crazy as that seems,
I want you to catch me when I fall;
We were always only one,
You never taught me we were two;
But you just faded before the rising sun,
Vanished did you just leaving my soul unmoved;
What mistake did I commit to make you fly away?
That my world has become like hell,
Leaving a pain engulfing all gay;
You promised our bond sure won’t die,
It sure did not … but why did you sweetheart?
Just like a spark you flied,
Leaving my life all without light, you did dart,
Through all my life days, you were holding on to me,
But now to your absence, I am holding all your pain to thee
You parted without even a sigh,
Just your smile was my last gift,
And never did your soul bid goodbye!

Sitting alone in this silent hour,
My mind just dreams of those days-
Those days from which my life seems afar
The days in which this silence laid;
Till now the sweetest –the day you held my hand
You said it’ll last in my life always
But all that remained were just the footprints in the sans,
You left in my life, before my eyes could gaze;
We together shared this purest-love,
That none could have shared, the purest of all above
Sailing together in the vast sea of life,
You held my pain and anchored my joy;
Letting not just this precious time glide;
You set me up right, even when I annoyed
You travelled deep into my heart and took your place,
In my soul you lived, from the day I willed;
Me and you –“Made for each other”,in this human race;
“Lived happily ever after”, in my heart was it drilled.

Have you admired the stars that twinkle at night?
Which makes the dark sky even look bright;
Have you heard the melody of the birds chirping?
Which makes us feel they are good at composing;
Have you lived your life without any troubles?
Which break up anytime just like soap bubbles;
Have you always had things ever granted to you?
May be not always, but your wish might come true;
Have you any friends who can really die for you?
If yes, they must be someone who really trust in you;
Do you know Why God created You?
Because he knew you can change this world that none even can do!

Keep moving away from my life, for all the weary lies-
You uttered to me in the past, and planned to make me die;
Game you played with me is up, everything now is gone,
From the day you played my part, even my life you own;
Thanks is all that I say, get lost from my life
Don’t ever dare to look back,before I kill myself with a knife;
Enough is all enough,leave my hand alone,
Give back my heart to me,before the seed of hell is sown;
Go back th way you came,never return for ever-
This will remain the same always,in my life ever.

Is it co-incidence that we became friends?
Or is it the love that made our hearts to blend?
Would you say there is someone else who cares for you more than me?
Or would you say our friendship is just to wait and see?
Is there any other soul which loves you more than my heart does?
Or is there anyone else who will give their life even when you make a fuss?
Till now i do not know if i have a place in your heart,
But you’re my buddy and i feel there are many things
Which together we can part into many farthings!

I’ve lost my heart, my most precious friend,
I never ever had dreamt that our bond would ever end;
Why? But why? Why did you leave me?
Suffering like this, put an end to my glee;
What wrong did i do, to make me fly away?
From your heart, my dear friend? Please do say!
Please i am dead, just a lifeless soul without you,
Why did you leave me? For i still never knew!

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This book has 5 comments.

Barath Cena said...
on Oct. 15 2013 at 5:53 am
Am really impressd of ur book n itz too awsom n gr8 to hear a gr8 tamilian writer writing so gr8 in ENGLISH in tis age,,, ur gr8 n HATS OFF TO U!!!

MonuVeronica said...
on Jul. 23 2012 at 4:01 am
MonuVeronica, Salem, Other
0 articles 1 photo 3 comments

Favorite Quote:
Life is an Art, And it is you who is the ARTIST!

thank u sooo much madu!!! for ur encouragement!!!

naan tamil thaan..... so neenga enna panreenga. will sure check out ur work!!


on Jul. 16 2012 at 4:24 am
Madu_Bala BRONZE, Colombo, Other
4 articles 1 photo 31 comments

Favorite Quote:
To unpathed waters, undreamed shores - Shakespeare

What can be more tragic than to feel the boundlessness of the surrounding beauty and to be able to see in it its underlying mystery... and yet to be aware of your own inability to express these large feelings… Isaak Levitan

oh Monu! it's a super book! u should write more. By the way u are a tamil right? me too. pls check out some of my work too

on Jul. 15 2012 at 6:35 am
im really impressed with ur summary about the book... its ur first book?
but where to read ?

MonuVeronica said...
on Jul. 12 2012 at 2:53 am
MonuVeronica, Salem, Other
0 articles 1 photo 3 comments

Favorite Quote:
Life is an Art, And it is you who is the ARTIST!

My first in the budding age of 16! dont miss to check it out and either praise or criticism are all welcome !!!  Enjoy reading