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Darkest Night

May 21, 2011
By Philomena, Lawton, Oklahoma
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Philomena, Lawton, Oklahoma
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Wow, I thought to myself, as I looked out my bedroom window. It was raining heavily and it looked beautiful. I loved listening to the pitter-patter of the rain drops. I smiled and turned back to face my room. Dang, it was a mess in here, but what do you expect from a fourteen year old? Did you expect it to be immaculate? No. Dirty? Bingo. I sighed as I picked up one of my black t-shirt sloppily thrown on the floor. Ew. I scrunched my nose when I first got a whiff of that disgusting smell. Apparently, my little black puppy, Twilight, did her business on my shirt. Twilight was a little Australian Sheppard, an adorable one too. I looked around for a black blob; she was laying down on another one of my shirts. “Twilight!” I yelled, stomping over to her. I held my shirt up to her nose and held her so she won’t escape. “Bad girl, bad!” She let out a cute whimper and I couldn’t be mad at her, even though she did poop on my shirt. After all, it was kind of my fault she wasn’t trained. I sighed again and picked her up with my free hand. “I’m sorry girl, it’s my fault too, isn’t it?” She let out a whimper which I took as her agreeing with me. I kissed her head and set her down on my purple bedspread, on the ground, instead of my bed. Yeah, I know, sad isn’t it? I picked up some more clothes, then I heard some stomping. My door slammed open and I swear I jumped a few feet into the air.

“Jamie, what’s that horrid smell?” My big sister, Erin, asked, holding her nose. I rolled my eyes and pointed towards Twilight, who was already asleep on my bedspread. “Potty train that dog.” Erin said, putting her hand on her hip. “She’s yours and you have to train her.”

“Oh please, like Ici is any better.” I shrugged. She glared at me, but I wasn’t fazed by her. Then a big, fluffy, white dog came prancing in.

“Ici is better, isn’t that right?” Erin turned and kissed Ici and she barked. Ici is my sister’s Pyrenees.

“Whatever.” I turned away from them and looked back outside.

“So, are you packing for school?” Erin’s voice surprised me. I glanced at her and smiled. “Lemme guess, no.” Her face fell and she plopped down on my bed. “Hurry up. Nyhtstarr Academy won’t wait for you, Jamie.”

“Okay, okay.” I replied, still staring outside at the rain. I heard her sigh and stand up again.

“Oh, and Jeremiah won’t wait for you, Jamie.” She added. I spun around on my heel and glared at her. “He’s downstairs waiting for you.” Se smirked and walked out, closing the door behind her.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier!?” I yelled through the door. I rushed to get my things ready. “Stupid sister.” I muttered as I threw random clothes into my suitcase. I scratched Twilight’s head and kissed her once more. “Sorry, Twilight, but hey, since Nyhtstarr is so close to home, I can come see you anytime.” I said. “I hear some kids came from Italy and Australia.” I whispered into her little ear. She whined once more and I marched out of the room, dragging my suitcase. I walked downstairs and saw Jeremiah and all his bags on the couch. Jeremiah was my childhood friend and boyfriend. He was a year older than me, so he should’ve already started Nyhtstarr, but he wanted to go with me, so he waited a year. Sweet, I know.

“Jamie, where were you?” Jeremiah asked, walking over to me and taking my bag. “Wait, I know, you were probably watching the rain, right? I know how much you love it.” I smiled at him.

“Correct.” I answered, waiting for him to grab some of his bags. “Sorry for making you wait, Erin didn’t tell me you were here.”

“Not my fault.” Erin came walking in from the kitchen and she was holding a bagel. “Here, you need to eat.” She handed me the bagel and I took a bite. “Now, make sure to visit, okay?” She hugged me and I kissed her cheek. Jeremiah opened the door and ran outside with our luggage to put in the car. I looked at Twilight and kissed her again.

“Watch Twilight for me.” I instructed. Erin rolled her eyes and picked Twilight up. “Make sure to feed her. I’ll be home whenever I can to check up on her.” I smiled and waved at them. Then I turned and walked out into the rain. As soon as that rain hit me, I could tell it was going to be a good day. I opened the passenger side door and got in. Jeremiah finished putting our bags in and he got into the driver side. He started up the car and we smiled at each other.

“Are you scared, Jamie?” He asked, sweetly. I giggled and buckled my seat belt.

“’Course not.” I replied. Yes, I was scared. I heard it was a dangerous school, but everyone says I should be fine because I am one of the strongest creatures there, plus I have Jeremiah to protect me. I mean, he’s a half breed, so he has two powers, and let me tell you, it just makes him stronger. See, I’m a purebreed werewolf, while Jeremiah is a magician and a dragon. Let me tell ya, there are few dragons in this world, and it’s super rare to see one. And that whole thing about dragons just breathing fire isn’t even true. Dragons breath the element they are most in sync with. Jeremiah’s element, ice.

“Really? You seem to be shaking.” Jeremiah said, putting his cold hand on my shivering arm. Jeremiah is usually cold because of his element, but it’s nice when he’s actually warm. “It’s okay to be scared. I’m a bit nervous myself.” He said as he took his hand back and started the car.

“You’re scared?”

“I said I was nervous, not scared. Guys get nervous. Girls get scared. It‘s almost the same thing, but a little different.” He teased. I laughed and looked towards the rain.

“Today’s going to be a good day. Rain always predicted a good day for me.” I muttered. Jeremiah pulled out of our driveway and started driving towards Nyhtstarr, which was just across town from us. I lived by Liberty Park and Lake in Lawton, Oklahoma. Nyhtstarr Academy was in the rich neighborhood in Lawton, Oklahoma. So, it was across town. “Rain…”

“Yeah, if you were a creature that required an element, I’m sure yours would be water.” Jeremiah laughed. I smiled and shrugged.

“I guess, but if I had and element, I’d want air or ice. I love both. Well, you can only have ice if both air and water choose you, huh?” I asked and looked at him.

“Yup, what can I say, I’m just blessed.” He said. We laughed and looked outside again. I looked at him and pouted.

“Why do you get to drive?” I asked.

“I’m older than you.”

“By one year. I wanna drive.” I pouted, crossing my arms. He smiled.

“I’m still older and no you can’t. The cops won’t pull me over because my sister talked with them about me driving.” He laughed.

“What did your sister do to them?” I asked, leaning towards him. He glanced at me and shrugged.

“Just your average brain-washing.” Jeremiah shrugged and I laughed at him. “Yeah, she didn’t want any tickets, so she marched down to the police office and brain-washed them telling them that it’s okay for me to drive without my license.” I shook my head.

“What would your parents think…?” I murmured. Jeremiah and I were both orphans, along with our older sisters. Our parents each were assassinated. So, I guess you could say we all became one big family. Jeremiah, Erin, Leah, and me, but Jeremiah and I aren’t like siblings, we’re more like a married couple.

“Hey, my dad did the same thing for his little sister.” Jeremiah said. “I’m sure it’s fine, I mean, I am a careful driver anyway.”

“Yeah, but…”

“It’s fine, Jamie. Nothing to worry about.” He shrugged and I sighed. “We’re almost there, Jamie.” I nodded and looked out into the damp day.

“Jeremiah, we’ll get through this together, won’t we?” I asked, not looking at him. I could feel his eyes looking at me every now and then, between me and the road.

“Of course, we do everything together.” Jeremiah replied. I felt relieved. “We’ll never be separated, no matter what, right?” I looked at him and smiled.

“Right.” I answered. Jeremiah was the most important person in my life. We rode up to a gate and Jeremiah flashed a card at the guard and he let us in. We drove around the grounds for a while, looking for a place to park. “Jeremiah, I love you.” I muttered. We pulled into a parking space and he looked at me.

“I love you too, Jamie.” He replied and leaned over and kissed me. I blushed as he got out of the car. “I’ll get the bags, go on ahead into the Office and get our rulebooks and room numbers.” I nodded and stepped out.

“Which way is the office?” I asked. He looked up and looked around.

“It should be that way.” He pointed towards the North and I nodded. “I’m sorry, I’m not sure either, but I think it’s that way.”

“Okay, I’ll find it eventually.” I shrugged and started walking towards the North. I held out my hand and let the rain drops hit me. I looked around and a tall dark building painted black had the word Office painted on it with white paint. The building had little window, but it looked really clean and new. I open the double glass doors and walked up to the marble desk. Dang, this school looked really nice already. The office had a big fountain in the middle of it with tons of white couches around it. Not only that, but it had an elegant chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

“May I help you?” A perky voice surprised me. No one was at the desk a minute ago. I looked at the desk and a small girl in a fancy uniform was smiling at me.

“Um, I came to get my and my friend’s rulebooks.” I said. She looked at the black computer on the desk and back at me.

“Name please.”

“My name is Jamie Wolfe. My friend is Jeremiah Dragonheart.” I said. I heard some typing and a small click. Then the printer started working.

“So you come from the great Wolfe family. I hear it’s the strongest werewolf tribe in the world.” The lady said. I jumped and studied her. “Oh, where are my manners, my name is Vanessa Weatherford. I am a fairy with the element of lightning.” She smiled a warm smile and I smiled back. Now that she mentioned it, her hair was blonde with some spikes here and there. Plus her eyes were the color of a rainy cloud. You could defiantly tell her element was lightning. “I’m a teacher here, but I’m just doing this office thing for a little extra money. I teach Climate Impotency.” She said. Then she laughed a polite laugh. “But, you won’t need that class. It’s more for fairies and elves.” She grabbed the papers that printed and handed me our rules. She set a paper on the desk. “Here you are now, the dorms are to the way South of campus.” She used a pen and traced a way towards the dorms. She handed me the map and then handed me two papers with keys. “These are your dorm keys and if you lose them, just come ask me and I’ll print you a new one, but the price for another one is running 100 laps on the field in your human form.” I flinched and sighed. I’m bad at running, in my human body. “You, Ms. Wolfe, will have two roommates, while your boyfriend, Mr. Dragonheart, will have one. Any questions?” Where was the cafeteria? Why 100 laps? Do you have to run in your human form? Why was the office so fancy? When will I get my class schedule? Why do I get two roommates? How did she know Jeremiah was my boyfriend?

“Nope. Thank you, Ms. Weatherford.” I grabbed the papers and waved good bye to the kind teacher. I walked out of the office and back towards Jeremiah’s car. “Okay, Jeremiah.” He looked at me and I pointed South. “Dorms are that way.” We started walking towards the dorms together.

“Do we get roommates?” He asked.

“Yup, you get one, and I get two. Oh yeah, she gave us keys and she says if we need another copy we need to run 100 laps to get a new one.”

“Ah, I see.” Jeremiah laughed. I looked at him and grabbed three of my bags. “Jamie, don’t.”

“Please, Jeremiah, I see you’re struggling.” I said. “Don’t worry.” We both saw huge mansion shaped buildings with tons of windows and even a little garden in the front.

“Wow, this must be the girls’ dorm.” Jeremiah said. “Only they’d have a garden and a mansion shaped house.”

“It’s so pretty!” I squealed. “Wow, a garden, so cute.” I giggled and ran over to the gate and looked inside. “I wonder what the guys’ dorm looks like.” I looked to the left and it was another mansion, but outside was an orchard with fresh fruit. “Gardens are better than orchards.” I teased him. He laughed.

“To you. Fresh fruit is at least better than sweet smelling flowers.” He answered. “Well, I’m going to look at my room. I’ll meet you at the dining hall later, okay?” I nodded and kissed him. Then I handed him his dorm papers and his key.

“Okay then. Bye bye.” I said, taking my bag from him and waving with my free hand. He walked towards his dorm and I stared at mine. I really hope I had a friendly roommates. I sighed and walked into the mansion.

I open the black double door in the mansion. First thing that caught my eye, black carpet that transitioned into gray, then back to black. Second, the light brown walls that showed white here and there. Third, the big kitchen and tables to the left. Fourth, the 52” plasma screen TV in the right corner of the huge room. Fifth, the room was filled with girls who were partying or talking with their friends. I sighed and rolled my luggage to the back, where the stairs were located. A hand extended and stopped me from progressing. I looked at who it belonged to. A tall brunette seemed to look down at me, well, literally, I guess.

“Well, well, well,” She started, wrinkling her nose. I blinked a couple of times, wondering what she was doing. She looked about my age, but the way she dressed was very professional-like. “We have a werewolf here.” I jumped and looked around.

“How could you-?”

“Easy.” She said, flipping her long hair. “You smell like a werewolf.” Laughter burst out behind the girl. I strained my neck to see who it was. A few girls looked at me, still laughing. “Don’t be offended, it’s s distinct smell.”

“Um, okay. I don’t care either way.” I said, scanning the large room for anyone who smelled different. Being a werewolf, my sense of smell is stronger than normal, or not normal, creatures. “Can I get to my room now?” I asked, pulling my luggage to the small area she wasn’t blocking.

“What’s your name, doggie?” She asked, in a taunting voice. I shrugged, not thinking about her weak attempt to insult me.

“I gotta go. Bye.” I said, cheerily, running upstairs, totally leaving her behind. I heard girls laugh behind me, probably laughing at the weak girl. The music and laughing died down as I started walking down the hallway of rooms. Girls were going in and out of rooms, checking out other people’s room and some were even looking for their rooms, like me. I took out my room key and number. A-15. My mind rang over and over to keep me from forgetting. The A section was in the left hallway. Not so hard to forget. I took a left turn and counted the rooms down. 15. Right side. I walked to the door and stood in front of it. I took a deep breath, preparing myself to meet my roommates.

Suddenly, the door opened and someone came crashing into me. I fell to the ground, my luggage falling with me. “Oh, no! I’m so sorry!” A petite voice yelped. I looked up and saw a girl with brown short hair and pinkish eyes looking down at me, giving me a I’m-so-clumsy look. She grabbed my luggage and helped me up. “This is what happens when I turn back into a human after a long time.” She said to herself, hitting her head with her hand.

“Um, it’s alright. I’m not hurt. See? No scratches.” I said, showing her my arms. “You’re fine.” I assured when she looked at me again.

“My name is Melanie Hathaway.” She said, giving me a warm smile. “Is this your room too?” I nodded and smiled back.

“I’m Jamie Wolfe.” I introduced. She went inside the room and I followed. The room was bigger than I thought a dorm would be. It had three beds, one on each side with the door on the fourth. The only side that was bare was the right wall, which, my guess was mine.

“Hey, Sierra, our final roommate is here.” Melanie said, walking to the left side and shaking the lump under the covers. It popped up and scared me. A blonde girl with brown eyes appeared and smiled at me. She giggled every now and then, confusing me.

“I’m sorry. Melanie, that was a wicked wipeout!” Blonde girl, Sierra, laughed. “I can’t believe you knocked down our roommate! Nice!” She held out her hand to give me a high five. I blinked and shrugged, high fiveing her. “Anyways, my name is Sierra Jordon.” She said.

“What’s your name?”

I jumped as I turned around and saw Sierra standing behind me. “Wha-?” I looked at both of them back and forth. Sierra and Sierra. What is going on?

“Sierra…” Melanie cut in, shaking her head. Melanie put her hand on my shoulder. “I’m sorry. You see, Sierra is a doppelganger.” Melanie explained just as the other Sierra disappeared. I blinked a couple of times, letting it sink in. I heard Sierra bust out laughing beside me. “Sierra, you confused our roommate!”

“Oh, it was fun, Mel.” Sierra laughed. Her laughing died down as I looked back at her. “I’m sorry, again. You’re name?”

“Jamie Wolfe.” I muttered, still a bit confused from the recent trick.

“Ah, wow, lemme guess, you’re a werewolf.” Sierra said, getting out of bed. I noticed that she was taller than me by at least three inches, while Melanie was more of my height. I slowly nodded, watching her put up her long golden hair into a ponytail. She winked and smiled. “I’m so smart!”

“Jamie, as you can tell, Sierra has tons of energy.” Melanie said, pointing at Sierra. “It sometimes gets annoying, but let’s all try to get along.” Melanie had such a gentle and calming voice, the kind you couldn’t say no to.

“Of course, we’ll get along!” Sierra cheered, pulling Melanie and I into a hug. I eeped as Melanie make a shy noise. “Melanie, Jamie, and Sierra. It sounds perfect to me.” She giggled, releasing us. I backed up and smiled at the both of them. “MJS. Sounds like an exclusive club, don’t you think?”

“Sierra, please. You weren’t hyper before this.” Melanie said, trying to calm down the cheery girl. Sierra plopped down on her bed and crossed her arms. I spun around and looked at my corner of the room. “You better unpack, Sierra. You should too, Jamie.”

“You didn’t even unpack!” Sierra replied, in an unfair voice. I laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling as the other two argued in a friendly manner. I wonder if Jeremiah met his roommate. I hope they get along. I hope Jeremiah is happy he came here. Maybe Jeremiah already made new friends. Wait, if he made friends, will he still spend time with me?

I smiled and shook my head. Of course he will.

“What are you smirking about over there?” Sierra asked, shaking my bed. I jumped up and looked at the smiling girl. “A secret??” She basically jumped at the thought of it being a secret.

“Jamie, I have a question.” Melanie said, popping her head out of the side of Sierra, startling me. Sierra sat there, like an eager puppy who was being fed. “Who was that boy you came here with?” Melanie asked, cocking her head to the side.

“Umm…” I started, wondering how she saw me with Jeremiah. She must have felt my confusion because she smiled.

“I saw you two in the school office.” She informed. I blinked a couple of times, remembering the beautiful office. I didn’t see anyone there, though. No one was there besides Ms. Weatherford.

“You better explain, Melanie.” Sierra murmured in Melanie’s ear. I waited for someone to say something else.

“Well, I’m a ghost, so you wouldn’t see me, but I was there.” Melanie said, keeping her smile. I jumped and stared at her. “I have three forms. One where I’m a real ghost, no one can see me; Two, I am a part ghost. I have a human body, but things pass through my body all the time; And three, my human form. I hardly use my human form and I’m almost always in my part ghost form. I had to use my human form since the school rules require it.” She explained, playing with her fingers. I’ve never heard of any ghost kids, or ghost humans, for that matter.

“A ghost?” I questioned. She nodded intently. “Um, okay.” I said. I wanted to ask her more questions, but I had to answer hers first. “Well, that’s Jeremiah Dragonheart, my boyfriend.” I said. Sierra’s face instantly brightened and she took my hands.

“No way! A Dragonheart! Oh, I’ve always wanted to meet one! You are so lucky, he’s your boyfriend!!” She cheered, squealing every now and then. I blinked as my back straightened. Melanie put her hand on Sierra’s shoulder.

“Wow, no way. The Dragonheart’s are a powerful and respected family.” Melanie said, sounding like her breath was taken away. I could also see her eyes sparkle. I never knew the Dragonheart name was so highly thought of.

“Oh, well, yeah, what’s Jeremiah.” I repeated, feeling like an idiot. “His element is ice.” I added, thinking since they are fangirls, they should know. Sierra and Melanie gasped and grabbed each other’s hands.

“Ice?!” Sierra squeaked.

“Chosen by both air and water!” Melanie peeped. “That’s simply amazing.” They fangirled some more and I half-smiled at them. I wonder if more girls will fangirl over Jeremiah. I hope not…

“I know! Let’s all go downstairs and get something to eat!” Sierra busted out of random. Melanie looked at me like out roommate was crazy, which I surely wouldn’t argue about.

“I’m up for that, I’m hungry.” I said, smiling and moving off my bed. Sierra’s smile took up most of her face as she trailed behind me. Melanie followed Sierra out of the room.

“You hungry too, Melanie?” Sierra asked.

“Yeah, I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday at dinner.” Melanie replied.

“So you’re saying that ghosts can eat?” Sierra asked, cocking her head to the side. I smiled back at Melanie.

“Yes, we can, obviously.” Melanie sighed, shaking her head. We walked down the stairs and into the crowd of girls downstairs.

“Hey, Melanie, are you the only ghost here?” Sierra asked, looking from one girl to another to try and figure out their powers. I joined in and noticed a girl with a tail sticking out and she released fire out of her mouth and other girls around her started clapping. Whoa, another dragon other than Jeremiah! She drew her tail back in as she bowed. She had messy fire red hair and brown eyes with many piercings all over.

She looked over at us and her face instantly brightened and waved.

“Do you know her, Jamie?” Melanie asked, poking my shoulder. I shook my head.

“I don’t know any dragons other than Jeremiah.” I replied, looking away from the girls and going straight to the kitchen. We made it into the kitchen safely, but we almost lost Sierra along the way. She was too busy talking.

“We made it!” Sierra laughed. Barely! “So, what do you two want to eat?” She asked us, walking past Melanie and I and opening a cabinet. The cabinet she opened was filled with potato chips of many different flavors. “Ooh, bar-b-que ruffles.” She drooled, taking it out and opening it. “I opened one, so we’ll have to share.”

“We didn’t even get a chance to choose!” Melanie ranted, passing me and eating a chip. Even though Melanie complained, she still ate it.

“Heyy, I know you.”

I turned around and came face-to-face with the dragon girl from earlier. This close, I could see her many piercings. One stud in her nose, then one on her right eyebrow and at least 3 ear piercings on each side, not to mention the top of her ear on the left side. Plus she had her bellybutton pierced; I could tell because she was wearing a revealing red top.

“Oh, uh…” I said. I could feel Melanie and Sierra’s eyes on me as I heard them crunching on the chips.

“The name’s Alex Darringway and I’m a-” She put her hands up to her shoulder length and had fire coming out of both hands, “fire dragon.”

“You sure are a proud one, aren’t you?” Sierra asked. I jumped, seeing another Sierra appear right by me. She’s using her doppelganger power.

“Sure am.” Alex smirked, clenching her fists and making the fire extinguished.

“Me too!” Sierra smiled, holding up her hand for another high five. Alex smiled back and high fived her. “Your real name is Alexia, right?”

“Yeah, but I prefer to go by Alex.” Alex put her hand behind her head.

“You came from England and you’re a master at controlling your fire.” Sierra stated, then she disappeared. I turned around and saw the real Sierra coming forward, towards us. How could she have known that.

“Sierra’s doppelgangers get the full info of the people they touch.” Melanie smiled, still munching on the chips. “Such as weaknesses, secrets, and--”

“Wait, she touched me!” I shrieked. Sierra smiled at me in an innocent way.

“Chips?” Sierra offered like food made everything better.

“You’re pretty impressive.” Alex said, talking to Sierra. We all looked at her. “Well! I just wanted to greet you, Lady Jamie.” Alex said. I jumped; did she just call me Lady Jamie?! “You’re big brother Jeremiah’s girlfriend, so I should at least introduce myself.” She bowed formally and I turned to Melanie and Sierra who just shrugged like it was a normal thing. “If you ever need me, just call.” Alex said, walking out of the kitchen and smiling.

“Told you the Dragonheart family is popular.” Melanie said. Sierra skipped over to the refrigerator and opened it.

“Want anything to drink?” Sierra asked like everything was perfectly fine and normal.

“I’ll have a bottled water.” Melanie said.

“You want anything, Jamie?”

“Oh, I’ll have some Gatorade if they have anything.” I said.

“Kay.” Sierra closed the door behind her and handed us our drinks and opened up her bottle of Pepsi. “Cheers!” She said, holding up her drink. Melanie and I looked at one another, but gave in and held up our drinks.



We drank our drinks and talked about ourselves as we ate the whole bag of chips.

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Favorite Quote:
"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

I think that this is a really good idea. Just reading your summary made me want to read the book. You write like a true author. I would really be interested in reading a book like the one you just described. It has enough of an attraction to the supernatural as well as some new twists in the right direction. Please don't tell me it's a love story with a vampire. Anything but a vampire. Anyway, i think you have a creative mind and that you should definitely continue with this story. I'm anxiously waiting as your Number One Fan.