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The Fog In Their Heads

October 13, 2022
By Rchavez, Wilmington, California
Rchavez, Wilmington, California
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A man is startled by a noise that he hears downstairs, but thinking that it might just be his lack of sleep he shrugs it off. once he's asleep and dreaming, he starts having visons of his house, and he sees something downstairs, some kind of monster. when he wakes up, he grows panicked and quickly searches his house. he finds nothing in his house, but outside, there is a giant cube. with adrenaline pumping through his blood, and curiousness working his mind, he steps into the ship.

once he is on the ship it quickly traps him inside, leaving him completely in the dark. as he traverses the strange ship, he finds that it has no end, it simply went on for miles on end. after a few hours, or days of searching for a way out, he gives up and falls asleep on the cold hard ground. when he wakes up, he finds that he is back at the door. thinking hes back home, he rushes out expecting to see his own sweet world. but when he walks out, he finds that he isnt home, he's on an alien planet. maybe if he wanders around, he'll find answers.

Rafael C.

The Fog In Their Heads

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