Happy ending?

November 2, 2017
By Anonymous

Author's note:

I just wanted to write about my story of how I met her and what she affect me in my life. 

Most of the time I remeber this story, cause is still affects me in my life so, I just wanted to tell the world of what happen to me in this relationship.

I still remember the time of the fair, Martin told me that we would will go to the fair only by ourselves, but he changed of plans, he invited some of her friends of musical theatre of his school.
It was midnight when we I got to the fair. It was all lightly all over the place, it look like the people in the fairy had a lot of fun, I call him with my cellphone as soon as I got to the entrance.
-”Martin, where are you, I’m outside of the fair”, I told him in my cellphone, it was really rough talk to him because there was a lot of sound.
-”I’m right the roller coaster of the right, let’s met us in the entrances”, he told me and he hung up.
I enter to the fairy and wait for him, in only 30 seconds I find him searching for him.
-”Hey Martin, I’m right here”, he flip right into me, I went over him and we saluted each other.
Martin is one of my best friends that I had, it has been 3 years that I met him, we are like brothers, we support each other in every bad  and good moment like in relationships, family, and other kind of things.
Martin was guiding me, he told me at last time that he invited some friends that were in his musical theatre, I was confused, “Hey, I thought we were only going by ourselves” I whisper on his ear.
“Yeah, until they invited me to to the fair to” he told me.

I didn’t talk too much with them, I am to timid talking with other people, I don’t trust too much if they are good people, or what conversation they like, I don’t know, I think too much about it.
We went onto all the roller coasters of the fair, we were so tired and we tried to take a break from those games so my friend Martin saw some pistol games and they have teddies as I prize, if you shoot 3 figures of a figure you won a Teddy, “Hey,  girls”, Martin said to all of us “Do you wanna Teddy?”
“Yeah why not” a girl said it to Martin, she has a short hair with glasses, I remember her, she was cute, I know her name because the group of musical theatre repeat a lot hers, Cielo, I will never forget that name, “ I would like one of those”.
Martin payed for the shooter game, I knew he was good in this game but I thought that he won’t win the teddy, I think he will only be able of shooting only two of the figures. He was very concentrated in the shoot, he hits the first one, the second time, he was more serious this time, I kind of he sweating, he hits the second one, and the final one it was really tough for him because the silence of all of us was to many pressure of him, he hits the third one, I was impressed. “Here it is” Martin said “It’s all yours”, Martin gave the teddy to Cielo, his expression was not of what I was expecting of her, she wasn’t happy of it. She was looking at the ground, sadly, like something in his life is affecting her too much.
“I’m hungry, let’s go to the restaurant, I want to eat some tacos” Martin said to the girls of his group.

All of the group follow him except Cielo. She was standing firmly, and nervous about something. I was at the back of her and I decided to gave her a little push and I told her “Hey, let’s go, feel happy that you have incredible friends, just live your life happy”.
She didn’t know what to respond of what I said to her, probably she was so focused on what she was thinking of. One of her friends turn hers head to us, she looked like she don’t  want me to get a connection with Cielo. She went for Cielo and grab her hand and force her to walk towards the group.
We went to a restaurant in the fair to eat some tacos, while we ate it we were start talking, then I knew all of there names. One of the girls was Andrea, she is the best friend of Martin, a very talkative person, and a possessive girl, sometimes Andrea force Martin to make whatever she wants. The next girl was Marily, the girl that look at me with an angry face, I thought she dislike me but, she was really nice with me when we talk. And the last girl was Cielo, know she was smiling, probably she forgot of what she was thinking in that moment, or probably she took my advice.
We were talking random stuff, but they talked more about their lives and about they Musical Theatre class, I was just hearing of their experience in their class, I was in that class with Martin the last year, but I left the group because of depression, relationships problems, and family problems, I thought it wasn’t good for me to be in that class, I thought I don’t sing really well or forgot my lane of what I was going to say in the middle of play. They weren’t in the Musical Theatre class when I was in there, they probably just joined this year.
We were almost going to finish our tacos, I was really concentrated in eating, it was so delicious until Marily call me and  told me with laugh in her face like she was joking  “HeyMohamed, do you know that Cielo is my girlfriend?” I was really choked, but then I saw and notice that is probably a best friend’s joke “Yeah, we are”, said Cielo with the same expression as Marily.

Probably they are lesbian, I said in my mind while making a weird face to Cielo and Marily,, No, they’re personalities don’t look like they are lesbians, probably their are best friends, and probably both are bisexual… wait why I’m thinking too much about this.
“MOHAMED!”, Martin glares at me “finish your tacos, you’re the only who haven’t finished yet his tacos, and we need to go to other places in the fair.”
“Ou don’t talk to me like that” I told Martin while I was starting eating fast my tacos “ you're just jealous because you finished all of yours and you’re still hungry.”
I finished all of my tacos, we payed and we walk through all the fair until we found out that there is something that we can do, because we are running out of money. While we were walking there were some times that Cielo and I were at the left side of the group, the others were at the right chatting with each other. Me and Cielo we were sometimes excluded of the conversation so we just stayed to the left side silently, no conversations, just both of us in our own worlds until Marily notices us “ Hey, “we looked at her and she was jealous that I was close to her,  “Stay apart from Mohamed, I don’t wanna lose you,” She said to Cielo, but she seem not comfortable with her telling her what to do.
It passes the time, it was 11:00 p.m. and the fair close at that time. The parents of Andrea and Marily came for them really quickly as soon as they call them on their cellphones. The only person left was Cielo, she called her parents, but they didn’t respond. She looked worried and devastated , I wanted to ask her what happen, but when I was going to ask her suddenly Martin told her “Hey, you can stay some time at my house and your parents could come for you whenever they can”.

“Sure…”, she said with a low tone feeling insecure.
Why she is too worried about her parents, I think while looking her with a serious expression,  I’ve seen this cases a lot of time, my other best friends, my ex girlfriend, and my cousins. Probably she has problems with his family.
I really agreed with the idea of Martin, the only problem is that I was going to stay the night with Martin, and when we get on the car Cielo and I we’re going to be at the back seat without having any conversation
Martin’s father came for us, Cielo stayed at the front seat, while Martin and I stayed at the back seat, I was relieved of all the pressure that I had, probably is because Martin knew that I wasn’t gonna talk to much with her.
We arrive to Martin’s house, we were really tired, I was thinking of running to Martin’s room to stole his bed and had a little nap in there until he push me to the floor. Well that was my plan until Cielo was sleeping in the car.
“Mohamed, can you wake up Cielo, I’m going to buy some stuff at the OXXO” Martin told me “If she doesn’t wake up then load her on your back and put her in my bed, she doesn’t wake up easily, the door is open, well I need to go.”
Okay, probably he is just telling me in a sarcastic way, “Cielo, wake up” I try to wake up her, she is really cute when she is sleeping. I poke her many times in her cheeks, but she doesn’t respond, probably Martin was right.

I put her in my back very gently so she doesn’t fell out from me. She is not heavy at all, I thought that, she is like me, a tiny person. I hold her in my back and went to Martin’s room. At the instant we enter the room, she was waking up, I felt nervous, I didn’t know what she was gonna think, probably she could think that I’m gonna rape her, or other kind of creepy think.
Her face was red, she instantly get out from my back, “ I-I-I was trying to wake you up, but you didn't so Martin told me to grab you and put you in my back and…” I stopped, I felt like an idiot telling that kind of excuse, I just could had a better idea of what I could do.
“I-It’s okay, don’t worry”, her face was red, “It happens to me too many time”
She was really cute when she said it, I my heart was beating so hard that it could explode. This was the first time she talk to me, and that is where it all begin, our story.

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