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Indian Economics For Anyone

June 19, 2021
By Arash6, Fresno, California
Arash6, Fresno, California
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Go back in time for just a second to your grade-school economics class. Glance to your left
and then your right: what do you see? Disproportionately, half of your class is looking out of
the backroom window while the other half grasps for any chance to not pay attention. While
you all make excuses not to listen, you miss what’s underneath: a treasure chest of economics
just waiting to be opened.

But, don’t worry, you still have a chance to unlock the mysteries of economics. Let Arashdeep, Jashandeep, and Sam help you on this journey by guiding you
through the economic principles implemented in the Indian economy—and worldwide in an interactive and engaging manner through their more-than-worthwhile book Indian Economics for Anyone.

Indian Economics for Anyone is one of the only books on the market that brings you both
economics and excitement in one. With jaw-dropping illustrations, food-for-thought pages,
and comprehensive ideas, you can learn economics the right way, starting from no prior
knowledge on economics whatsoever.

By focusing on central economic concepts and then condensing them down letter by letter,
with the inclusion of colorful graphs and illustrations, Indian Economics for Anyone helps
break down the once thought of as a complex dimension of economics into simple bite-sized

Economics is waiting to be learned: it’s not hard, boring, or time-consuming—just a whole
lot of fun waiting to be uncovered. So, what are you waiting for? Come join the many already
on the thrill ride.

Arashdeep S.

Indian Economics For Anyone

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