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The other side of my sister

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Why Did It Happen To Me

OK I really haven’t been able forget that convention me and Luke had. I know I should make a big deal out of it but its just a little something to make me happy for the long run. Anyways I found my diary well Luke found it but still I HAVE MY DIARY BACK, if anyone opened this and read what was in here I would just dead but thank goodness the guy I have a crush on found it and his really sweet and cute and has a really nice voice wait I’m getting off track again what is wrong with me.

This chapter hasn't reached the weekend yet but is going to in the next chapter because the day is actually Thursday almost Friday.
So I was going to tell you about Jane and how she is kinda getting her friends back plus I was going to tell you how excited I am for this weekend but I also was going to tell you about the new cute twins at my school, losing my diary means I have a lot to tell. Now where could I start OK the cute twins, well I know that their names are Adam and Alex. And boy have those girls been all over them I was too but its not abut me anyways I discovered that I had two wait three wait yes I have four classes with them. Can I just say that they are making my life you know (smiling) in a way good like real good. Yeah I know you want to know why, right (please say right). OK , so as I told you that I have four classes with them. Well, this was in biology but this is where the thing with Jane happened where she kinda gets her friends back.

As I said before that it was in biology when everything happened. OK so we were in biology and then the twins came in the teacher stood up and the girls quickly started whispering to each other. Mr. James that’s his name stood up behind the twins put each hand on each of the twin and said to the class “these are the new students as you can see they are twins (I was like no really but just in my head) and will need help catching up”, he looked at them and asked what their names were they each took one step in front and introduced themselves. After that Mr. James said that they could take any seat they wanted and they were only like four seats that were not taken yet the two seats behind me and one seat in the back of the class and the seat next to Jane. I’m sure she was dying for one of the to sit next to her for she gave a big flirty smile to both the guys I wasn’t surprises at all.

But to my luck one of the twins sat behind me and the other sat behind the class I was sort of surprised to see them siting at different seats really. But then that’s when things got AWKWARD like really. OK this is what happened so when the twin sat down I turned my head and said “hey my name is Lela which twin are you I’m sorry you guys look really alike” he smiled and said his name was Alex I smiled back (duh why not he was cute) then I remembered that Luke was sitting right next to me. Luke looked back and kinda smiled a little he looked at Alex from top to bottom and after what seemed like forever he said “whats up I’m Luke”, I could see that Alex was kind of uncomfortable I quickly smiled again to you know make him relax a little that’s when he said “oh good” the poor guy was nervous well when he saw Luke. Alex looked at me again and smiled but as I also looked at him I could tell Luke was looking at me so I quickly said “welcome, hope you enjoy your year here” and turned my head.

Mr. James looked at the class for a min then said Adam and Alex you guys can pick your partners to whom you want help from Alex quickly tapped my shoulder and asked me if I wanted to help him I was like sure but then Luke looked at me and said I thought but was interrupted by the teacher Mr. James continued saying that “because of the twins we could have groups of two, three or four but nor larger than four please students. The project is due on Monday no later then that OK good now go and find your new or expand your groups'. I sorta zoned out a little because I was looking at Jane if anyone wanted to be with her or anything then as soon as Mr. James turned his head she ran yes ran to the back of the room where I think Adam yes his is Adam was and said “hi hmm do you want to be in my group?”
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