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The other side of my sister

January 29, 2013
By Lydia3 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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Lydia3 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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Like any other story this one may be common to most people and if you were to ask them how the story goes they would tell you everything including all the others that go together with it .
Cinderella a very old but common story and movie to almost everyone : with all the other different types that have been made, I’m sure almost everyone whose watched it can tell you the beginning, climax, and end.

Well like any other baby I was born but after one day my mom realized she had one more, I guess that’s my twin but not really because we weren't born on the same day but again we look a lot alike. So everyone thinks we are twins, just like all twins these something different about them I was the quite one and my sister was like the popular, smart, and everyone liked her don’t get me wrong I loved her but it was like everyone didn’t even pay attention to me and I was born first ,but whatever I don’t care anymore after fifteen years of living its normal I guess I’m not loved at all.

I'm sorry I didn't give a very good intro of myself ,silly me. My name is Lela Bills I’m the only one who was not born in Cuba but then our whole family moved to the U.S, really I was born in England, I guess I have to tell you the story of how I was born in England and how my so called twin sister was born in Cube. Like my dad starts his life stories, “when I was a young boy” but I’m not a boy duh anyways it was like this, my mom and dad went to a thing I don't know what it was but after the day they arrived in England I was born then my mom was like “I have to go back to Cuba” as usual my dad agreed then when the arrived in Cuba, my sister was born and that's how I was born in England plus bonus I'm the only one who was born in England. Everyone in my family was born in Cuba (so lame).

Okay why my mom said she wanted to go back to Cuba that day no one knows really if I was to guess I would say that she wanted to have my sister in Cuba but that's not it. Enough of that and more to more different stuff, my sister's name is Jane very different to my name since twins usually have a kind of rhyme name but Jane and Lela are very different names, I don't even know why that's her name my name is more special explanation; no one in my family has a name that starts with “L” pretty cool right.

I guess I have to tell you more about myself and why some stuff happens to me well let's begin, but I don't really want to so lets go passed that yea I'm not like Jane who likes to share every little thing that happens to myself some of the examples: “OMG my boyfriend just broke up with me” ,“I just failed my exam” (when she just got a “B”) and all that stuff, just by that you might know what she's like. I have no idea why she has a boyfriend anyways,when my mom and dad made it clear not to have one at all, I hate it when she's all sweet and nice when inside she's like a devil cat hiding her real skin so lame really I'm not jealous of her at all it's just one time she hit me for no reason at all and it really hurt. And she continued, thinking of it she's not really smart at all she gets people to do her homework for her and she try's to be the teacher’s pet to get them to change her grade anytime she wants. Now you see what I have to go though and if you think that's nothing I just know more is coming, it's so I don't even know how to explain it.
Finally, she did something wrong well OK I’m not happy that she got in trouble ,OK maybe I am. This is what happened, remember when I said that Jane acts sweet and nice just to get good things and now it's backfired “sweet” kind of, yeah back to the point Jane was playing good girl when her so called favorite teacher came in fourth period and right in front of the whole class Jane secret came out right there on the spot, Mr. Hopper was like “Mrs. Bills” then we, me and Jane both looked up “ Jane Bills not you Lela, Jane I looked at your homework and I have to say what a report you typed on here” , he smiled and continued, “to bad it's not what I wanted, Jane I thought you were better than this” Jane looked at Mr. Hopper puzzled like an unfinished puzzle, then she said what are you talking about Mr. Hopper my report was perfect” so she though but the report she so called typed herself was her friend's report that she coped, but what Jane didn't know was that her friend's classes had been changed two days ago and Mary her friend's name had already turned in her report before the day it was due.

“Jane I need you to come with me please” asked Mr. Hopper. But bu_ no buts Jane, please come with me. I hate to be the bad guy here but what you did was really wrong I don't know what I’m going to do because you Jane, you were my favorite student and now I see why. You are no longer in my class anymore I’m sorry.” You should have seen Jane' s face it was like burning she was really mad at Mary, but she should have been begging for mercy but you know Jane,well if you don't then you will; she came in class like nothing happened and the whole class was looking at her. She sat down but stood up again and just walked out of class she had gone to look for Mary as I said before Jane is surprising.

When she found Mary she revealed her true colors and man was it bad: you know what, I’m starting to think Mary didn't do that by mistake if you look on the other side “ooh gosh” I have to tell you another story well it's not really a story but it's more of what happened behind Mary and Jane before all that happened. See at the begin of March, Jane found out that Mary was planning to put a cheat sheet under Jane 's desk and before Mary knew it Jane was in front of Mary's face putting a deal on the table and the deal was that, Mary had to do all of Jane homework for the rest of the year and that's how I ended up saying Jane was smart but just between you and me Jane is one of the dumpiest people I have had to live with in fifteen years .

Bad news for Jane all of her friends found out her little secret and to tell you the truth I have no idea where they went. But I do know that Mary is now going out with Jane ex-boyfriend, I’m thinking just to make Jane mad for all the things she did to her for the last past weeks. Now Jane is just like me alone but at least I have three friends so I’m not really alone but on the other hand Jane is really alone. As a good sister I’m there for her but Jane is had to get along with but I’m going to try with all my power to not make her feel alone besides what else can go wrong OMG I just messed up by saying that oh well: her secrets came out, she lost her friends and almost everyone hates her what else can go wrong really, what else.

“I knew it I knew it I knew it” by saying what I did yesterday I messed up, now I should be the one begging for mercy to not to Mr. Hopper but to mother nature.” I just lost my diary and the key that belongs to it I’m sure I’m just going to melt right here I keep everything in my diary and when I say everything I mean everything. My phone numbers, my homework, important dates,my deep dark secrets, personal information, notes I take in class, pictures I draw, pictures I take, secrets I've heard and when some important stuff happened. All that is in my diary and now it's all gone I feel like dying really “why,why,why” me of all people really.

I guess my life is over since my diary is lost forever and every little piece of information has been taken away from me. I wish I could find it hope whoever has it hasn't read it yet because that would really mess my mind up I mind really its like their taking your mind from you it's really that bad. Anyways I can only wish for the nest and nothing more the worst person who could ever read is Luke and I am not even going to start about him like not now and I keep on hoping for the best.

I am now counting the days I haven't found my book it's now been one week and am not worried anymore now I mean whoever has hold of it now has read everything and is showing everyone they know but I guess that’s what I get for not being careful and that's the end of my life now...

It's snowing outside and I still have to go to school don't get me wrong I love school it's just you know my diary; it's Christmas too. I wonder what I’m going to get this year getting my diary back would be the best thing to get this year but anyways maybe everything happens for a reason ooh yeah everything does happen for a reason which makes me think why I had to lose my diary. Hope something good will come out from going to school today Jane over slept and will be late which doesn't surprise me at all because she doesn't have any friends anymore I feel so sorry for her but thinking of it again it seems kind of funny in a way that's what she gets for treating her friends like she was the boss it was so wrong I felt sorry for them sometimes everyday seeing them like that anyways “ a good life has to stop sometime” .

Aaahhhhhhhhhhhh..... hello that was me scaring it came so sedan I never even knew it would come like this it's so awesome for ME. What happened is that I was looking all sad and stuff while I was getting my books in my locker and guess who came walking up to me, Lela Bills, it was Luke I stuffed my face in my locker then I thought to myself why are you doing that just walk away and pretend like you didn't see him as soon as I was about to do just that he walked faster. I was like why is he coming to me of all people. I thought to myself again maybe he wants to study together but he already has perfect grades he doesn't need that, by the time I took ten steps, he caught up to me. Our conversion below:
Luke: Hi Lela it looked like you were trying to avoid me for a minute there
me: what nope anyways hello, bye gotta get to class don't want to be late
Luke: hey wait Lela I just wanted to ask you something
me: you wanted to ask me something
[a pause]
me again: ooh well ask away
Luke : well since your very good at biology I thought we could panther up you know there's really no one good to panther up with
me: hm mm really what about Jane, Mary, John, Tom and grace you know other people
Luke: they not as good as you I know you have an “A” right?
Me: hmm-mm yes I do so, when can we start?
Luke: on the weekend, what do you say?
me: I guess okay sure that would be cool
Luke: OK I'm guessing it's set then cool
me: so how are yo.....
Luke: ooh and Lela I found this, your diary
me: ooh my gosh how did you found it :D THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH
Luke: your very very welcome (laughs) it was nothing really
me: Luke did.....
Luke: no no I didn't read anything well I did read your name on it so I just read one thing (laughs again)
me: (laughs) thanks again

The author's comments:
This chapter hasn't reached the weekend yet but is going to in the next chapter because the day is actually Thursday almost Friday.

OK I really haven’t been able forget that convention me and Luke had. I know I should make a big deal out of it but its just a little something to make me happy for the long run. Anyways I found my diary well Luke found it but still I HAVE MY DIARY BACK, if anyone opened this and read what was in here I would just dead but thank goodness the guy I have a crush on found it and his really sweet and cute and has a really nice voice wait I’m getting off track again what is wrong with me.

So I was going to tell you about Jane and how she is kinda getting her friends back plus I was going to tell you how excited I am for this weekend but I also was going to tell you about the new cute twins at my school, losing my diary means I have a lot to tell. Now where could I start OK the cute twins, well I know that their names are Adam and Alex. And boy have those girls been all over them I was too but its not abut me anyways I discovered that I had two wait three wait yes I have four classes with them. Can I just say that they are making my life you know (smiling) in a way good like real good. Yeah I know you want to know why, right (please say right). OK , so as I told you that I have four classes with them. Well, this was in biology but this is where the thing with Jane happened where she kinda gets her friends back.

As I said before that it was in biology when everything happened. OK so we were in biology and then the twins came in the teacher stood up and the girls quickly started whispering to each other. Mr. James that’s his name stood up behind the twins put each hand on each of the twin and said to the class “these are the new students as you can see they are twins (I was like no really but just in my head) and will need help catching up”, he looked at them and asked what their names were they each took one step in front and introduced themselves. After that Mr. James said that they could take any seat they wanted and they were only like four seats that were not taken yet the two seats behind me and one seat in the back of the class and the seat next to Jane. I’m sure she was dying for one of the to sit next to her for she gave a big flirty smile to both the guys I wasn’t surprises at all.

But to my luck one of the twins sat behind me and the other sat behind the class I was sort of surprised to see them siting at different seats really. But then that’s when things got AWKWARD like really. OK this is what happened so when the twin sat down I turned my head and said “hey my name is Lela which twin are you I’m sorry you guys look really alike” he smiled and said his name was Alex I smiled back (duh why not he was cute) then I remembered that Luke was sitting right next to me. Luke looked back and kinda smiled a little he looked at Alex from top to bottom and after what seemed like forever he said “whats up I’m Luke”, I could see that Alex was kind of uncomfortable I quickly smiled again to you know make him relax a little that’s when he said “oh good” the poor guy was nervous well when he saw Luke. Alex looked at me again and smiled but as I also looked at him I could tell Luke was looking at me so I quickly said “welcome, hope you enjoy your year here” and turned my head.

Mr. James looked at the class for a min then said Adam and Alex you guys can pick your partners to whom you want help from Alex quickly tapped my shoulder and asked me if I wanted to help him I was like sure but then Luke looked at me and said I thought but was interrupted by the teacher Mr. James continued saying that “because of the twins we could have groups of two, three or four but nor larger than four please students. The project is due on Monday no later then that OK good now go and find your new or expand your groups'. I sorta zoned out a little because I was looking at Jane if anyone wanted to be with her or anything then as soon as Mr. James turned his head she ran yes ran to the back of the room where I think Adam yes his is Adam was and said “hi hmm do you want to be in my group?”

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Lydia3 BRONZE said...
on Jun. 8 2013 at 9:56 am
Lydia3 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
1 article 0 photos 13 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Always Expect The Unexpected For It Most Likely Won't Happen"

Thanks for the helpful feedback i'll work on that..

on Jun. 7 2013 at 11:26 pm
LiraDaeris PLATINUM, Tucson, Arizona
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― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You'll Go!

The story seems to be doing alright, but the presentation is all over the place. When a new character speaks, they get a new paragraph. Also, in introductions, veer away from "Hello! I'm bladebla and I'm going to tell you why my life sucks!" kind of introductions. There is a very very small niche where these can actuall work, and it is usually a children's show setting. Also grammar was off. I only get down about this because presentation is key to writing a good book, and I want you to be able to get your ideas and stories out there.

Yolo22 BRONZE said...
on Apr. 8 2013 at 3:54 pm
Yolo22 BRONZE, Larned, Kansas
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i like peaches

nikki1 SILVER said...
on Mar. 29 2013 at 11:26 am
nikki1 SILVER, Tunkahnnock, Pennsylvania
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i love you not only for what you are but for what i am when i am with you

oh my god i want to read more. this is truly outstanding!

Lydia3 BRONZE said...
on Mar. 19 2013 at 9:19 pm
Lydia3 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
1 article 0 photos 13 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Always Expect The Unexpected For It Most Likely Won't Happen"

i made another charpter and i hope you like this one even tho its kinda different but same everything but anyways i hope you do like it.

Powla SILVER said...
on Mar. 12 2013 at 11:49 am
Powla SILVER, PHX, Arizona
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u cut it at a huge cliffhanger! make another chapter! go go go go go! XD

Mysterygirl3 said...
on Feb. 5 2013 at 4:32 pm
i would like to know if i should post another chapter or chapters please let me know