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Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board is Teen Ink’s go-to group for interviews, fun magazine features, and input on what’s going on in the teen community. You’ll also get to give your opinion on different things happening at Teen Ink, with the ability to make an input on future decisions we make and give ideas for new projects you’d like to see.  

We will send out monthly newsletters and have quarterly meetings. During these meetings, we will answer any questions you may have for us and share updates on what is happening behind the scenes of Teen Ink. 

The Teen Ink Student Advisory Board is a great opportunity to voice your opinions with like-minded teens from across the globe. There is little time commitment and it is absolutely free to join!

How Can I Join the Student Advisory Board?

It’s super easy to join the Student Advisory Board! All you have to do is fill out this interest form, sign our guidelines, and send them to

When signing the guidelines, you can either electronically sign the PDF or print it and physically sign them. If you print them and sign, just send a picture of the signed guidelines to us via email! If signing electronically, all you have to do is email the complete PDF to us! 

Membership Requirements

Don’t worry, there are little to no requirements for joining! All that is required is that you are between the ages of 13-19, have a Teen Ink account, and sign our guidelines (and email them back to us).

To receive the guidelines, please fill out our interest form. You’ll receive an email with the guidelines attached shortly after completing the form. Once you email the completed guidelines to us, we will review the form and send you an email letting you know if you’re approved to be on the board!

Board Opportunities

Student Advisory Board members serve on a volunteer basis only. There are no financial obligations or time commitments. We will have fun opportunities for members to participate in and many chances for members to speak their voice on what goes on at Teen Ink!


  • Quarterly Meetings - Again, nothing is mandatory, so do not worry about ensuring an appearance at our meetings. But we do hope that you join us if you can! During these meetings, members will get to have any of their questions answered. This is also your chance to see who else is on the board! Meetings will be held virtually and we will send a recording of the meeting to anyone who is unable to attend!
  • Feedback - Periodically throughout the year, we rely on our board members for suggestions and feedback. Surveys range from informal telephone chats and email exchanges, to brief written questionnaires. This input helps us continuously improve our publications to better meet the interests and needs of both you and your students.

  • Special Projects - Occasionally we will have projects for board members can participate in! Examples of these projects include interviews with authors, musicians, and more, special magazine features, and exclusive contests! Participation is completely voluntary and time commitment is up to the individual member.