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Teacher Advisory Board

 These educators actively use Teen Ink magazine in their classrooms and serve as volunteer liaisons and advisors to Teen Ink.

How Can I Join the Teacher Advisory Board?

Becoming a Teacher Advisory Board member is easy. Write to us at Teen Ink,

Fill out this form; call 617-964-6800; or email editor@teenink.com

Membership Requirements

The only requirements for board membership are that you are an active subscriber to Teen Ink and you are willing to have your contact information listed on our website and/or magazine.

Board Opportunities

Advisory Board members serve on a volunteer basis only. There are no financial obligations, time commitments or meetings. Board members can participate in any of the following ways:

  • Teacher Surveys - Periodically throughout the year, we rely on our board members for suggestions and feedback. Surveys range from informal telephone chats and email exchanges, to brief written questionnaires. This input helps us continuously improve our publications to better meet the interests and needs of both you and your students.
  • References - We believe the best resource for a teacher is another teacher. Our board members are available to answer your questions and/or to discuss their own experiences with Teen Ink. Because our board is so large and includes representatives from most states, it is easy to find a Teen Ink board member near you.
  • Special Projects - Occasionally we have projects for which board members can volunteer their time. Examples include the development of our Teacher's Guide and participation in our Book Evaluation projects. Participation is completely voluntary and time commitment is up to the individual teacher.