Snitch by AllisonVanDiepen

January 25, 2018
By Torres01 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Torres01 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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What is the main reason why some people join gangs? In  snitch it is about a girl that goes to south bay high school, who is a honor student,has her life set and ready to graduate but once a guy  comes along her feature changes. Snitch is only one of the three  books that Allison Van Diepen has written.Teens should read it because it talks about gang violence and how love can affect things to change for one person

JUlia is open to the experience that come at her after she meets someone new she tries to push him away at first but when he charms her her she is new to the whole dating thing  but when she really gets to know him she has somewhat of a change of heart and she cant stop that special feeling she has have hem

The main character in snitch is Julia is just a typical high school student who is perfect and cares about her friends and her school work. She isn't the type of girl who likes gains and never in her life would have thought about joining one. All changes when she fell for a guy who she thought she knew but she dont know the whole truth until she saw his color of blue of his rag.

I advise the teens read  Snitch because it is written in the point of were a teen can actually understand the concept and can relate to it . The arthur did an amazing job of showing the realistic idea of how love can cause people to change eather for good or bad witch in this case a little bit of both.

Reading snitch would help  the teens understand why some people join gangs. People join gangs because of different reasons. One of those reasons is love, love can make people do thing they would never expect doing.

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It was AZ really Great Book

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