New Life

January 10, 2012
By demi91194 BRONZE, Lake Barrington, Illinois
demi91194 BRONZE, Lake Barrington, Illinois
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I love to live for mine own life purpose
I love to love you with all of my heart
With you not here, I would have no compass
So without you, my life would fall apart.

You are my only love, my life, my soul
My life without you would be a lost cause
You are the only one that makes me whole
My life would stop-forever at a pause.

Without you and me, love stories are not
There is nothing left of you or of me
Without us there is nothing left of plot
This will last longer than eternity.

But you’re here now and you’ll never be gone.
It’s time for our created life to spawn.

The author's comments:
This piece was an assignment for my senior English class, but it turned out to be something I really enjoyed. The basis of the story is a relationship of true love. This is a love that the narrator can hardly believe in because it is so amazing that without the love that she shares for her lover, love stories would cease to exist and there would be nothing would be left of either her or her loved one. The turn in the last two lines of this Elizabethan sonnet can be interpreted in multiple ways. the woman could have just found out that she is pregnant or that she is starting to develop a new life as a single piece with her lover. Either way it is taken, or any other interpretations, the creation changes form.

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