Grow Up Too Fast

January 21, 2011
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This is what happened
When we grew up too fast.
This is what happens
When the world turns its back,
You’re left all alone
To realize all that you lack.
Wondering if this seemingly meaningless life
Is worth while,
Trying to remember
The last time you wore
A real smile.
This is what happens
When society turns its cheek,
Everyone around you
Making you seem so weak.
They judge you because of your insecurities,
Tears through strife,
The most ridiculed of us,
Taking our own life.
Generation, defy them.
Come up on top when they thought,
“You’ll be last.”
Because this is what happens
When we grow up too fast.
Deny them their satisfaction,
Prove their thoughts wrong.
By becoming everything
They thought you couldn’t,
When you knew you could
All along.
Believe in your dreams,
Your mind,
Be strong, smart,
And question mankind.
So long has the world judged,
Just to be condemned,
And mocked.
They always kept their minds closed,
But their mouths loose and unlocked.
Remembrance of harsher days,
Colder nights,
We learn from our mistakes,
And make them right.
Exposed to too much,
We learn from the past.
This is what happened,
Because we grew up too fast.

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