Typical Teenager

March 9, 2009
By ladylese95 BRONZE, Saint Albans, New York
ladylese95 BRONZE, Saint Albans, New York
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Happy, sad, stingy, mean, feelings often change,
A common act of typical things I find it kind of strange.
Talking to a friend, or sending them a text, they talk for hours until dark
What will they think of next?
They'll leave there room a mess, and let cleaning be dismissed, but yes I must confess to doing most of this
There music cracks the ceiling, and gets the parents fumed,
Emotions always squealing, and more time in their room
From toddlers to teens it happens to fast, all the parents can do is remember the things from past
A Typical Teenager aint nothing to fear because any new thing can give them a scare.
Being a teen may seem pretty bad, it's much worse for the mom and dad!

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