In A Jail Cell

December 6, 2008
By Milika Cherry, Raleigh, NC

He sits in his room on the floor with his head down
And he closes his ears tight so he won’t hear a sound
Wrapped in a blanket so his body won’t feel cold
His tears fall down his face as the pain unfolds

As he remember the days that he looked her in her eyes
He regrets what he has done but it’s too late to apologize
Now he rocks back and forth because the evidence will remain
And he’ll always see the tears he forced his young daughter to drain

With a house that is empty but filled with loud voices
He now paces around the kitchen where he made his destructive choices
He wakes up every day in a room that mumbles
And the bed that he lays in begins to tumble

Until one day he hears a knock on the front door
And then a loud ka-boom! As he gets knocked to the floor
With his hands behind his back he yells please no
As he is escorted to a car he remembers a long time ago

When he had a wife and a beautiful young girl
That always smiled which made his life twirl
Now he wakes up everyday in a place called hell
Where he now spends his life in a little jail cell

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