The Close Of Flying

October 11, 2008
By Olivia Buzzacco, New Middletown, OH

Sitting by myself
Wounded by my memories
In the room of hallows
By my tears I want
Nothing but you

How long will it take?
To heal my soul?
To shatter my consequences?
Will there be a doubt,
That I may move on?

When will there be time,
To please the movement of stillness
Yet you reach for me
When I’m not there
And never will be.

The sky may shine,
But it is not for me it does,
But for him,
Who’s far ahead of me
And remains so.

Those petals of laughter and sin whirl around me
Shouting for the moment we had made
Of the fun we had
Before I gave it all away
To no one at all

And when the day comes
Of the time brought back again
Only then will I be content
To feel the close of flying
When I have become you.

When it will happen was yesterday
And yesterday only lasts a moment
In one’s eyes
Becoming so still that I
Or no one
Can have.

The author's comments:
So many people can inspire you to write, but this individual has had a great influence on my life, so I let my imagination run wild. There are so many different ways people can interpret this piece, so I'll let you decide what you think it means.

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