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November 5, 2012
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I've been waiting for someone to shed some light,
To take my hand and lead me back
Into the arms of the earth.
I've been ankle-deep in frost-kissed puddles,
Wishing for the welcome mat to sweep me
In out of the rain, and into their flame.

Are you the flame
That I've been looking for? You make my head light
In a way that isn't amatory, but in a way that makes me
Wonder if calling it love would make you send me back
From whence I came, and lick me into puddles
Till I seep straight into the earth.

You beckon me to your earth
Like a lantern's flickering flame,
But you're not burning out. You illuminate the puddles
That used to be my oceans, battle my dark with your light.
You gain ground until I am naked and taken aback,
Because the exposure does not strip me

Raw-- in fact, it envelopes me.
We've got our feet planted firmly in the earth,
Neither scaring easily nor asking for our words back.
And I beg how long it's to last, this flame;
Upon that subject, I squint away from the light
Expecting you to tread through me like puddles,

The way a child stomps on rainy street puddles,
Finally turning on your heel to flee me.
Through the trees overhead pokes a sweater sewn of light
That soothes the permafrost into a softer earth
When the sun's flame
Strokes its back.

Should I hold this back
On the tip of my tongue, till the words form puddles
In my mouth? Or would it be better that the flame
Consume me?
I could live out my years masked by earth
Or brave the touch of light.

I heave my hopes back with me,
A dam oozing puddles, white-knuckling the earth.
If I let go, will the flame leave me a shadow, or a light?

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remember16 said...
Nov. 12, 2012 at 7:55 am
very good job! you should cheak out some of my poetry, again very good
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