Left Unspoken

September 24, 2007
By Madison Ross, Winston, MO

Word of love unspoken, dreams and hearts seem unbroken.

Everything they drag inside, all these times we’ve lived and lied.
We’ve fibbed and cried, and killed our pride.

Our essence is pouring,The Black Monster is snoring.
He’ll be here for the evil soon, to trap them in his dark lagoon.

Words of love unspoken, lives and hearts forever broken.

Speak what you want to say. Do it now, right now, today.
Leave behind the dark, move on to make your mark.

Pride and honor may be killed, lives may seem to be stilled.

Words of love may be left unspoken, and hearts remain forever broken.

Somewhat beautiful life remains to cover up the dark blood stains.

Words of love and truth are left unspoken. and children’s hearts are too easily broken.

Sanity lost to death and drugs, nothing cures our sickness bugs.

So love and kindness left unspoken, and now our world’s heart is broken

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