June 1st 2008

April 27, 2008
By Jessica Moore, Reading, MI

As I sit and think about the times we had,
I remember so many of the good, so many of the bad.
From the 1st day on kindergarten to the last day of 12th grade,
I think of all the friends we’ve made.

After 18 long years,
It will be hard to fight the tears,
The tears of joy, the tears of goodbye,
My, oh my, how time flies.

It seems just yesterday we were just kids; we use to dream about who we want to be,
And now we’re adults beginning a new journey.
As an adult we have so many decisions to make,
So many risks to take.

Though we shall never forget who we are,
But look how far,
How far we’ve come,
Better yet, how much we mean to some.

Over the years, new faces have come and gone,
But still our class remains one.
Some may stay and some may go,
But really, who’s to know?

Today we celebrate,
A new beginning, a new journey, a new life,
But still we shall never forget this date; for this is the day we graduate,
June 1st, 2008

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