Advance Token to Boardwalk

March 6, 2008
Crying to the rhythm of your heartbeat
Ear against your heart, still incomplete
Playing a tune, which is unfamiliar to my heart
Together painting the most abstract art
Only understanding what each other means
Teens, Drama queens, Scenes, we have our own routines
We belong to no cliques, we are our own
Blown into a cyclone far into the unknown left alone
Hurled holding a secret from the world
Somehow landing far away from each other
One after another, another, another
Hearing, repeating how much you love them
Each one seeming to condemn
To the same heartbreak, and lost love
Under the thumb of, the beautiful white dove
Flying down to release the best news
Confuse, excuse, abuse, its time to choose
From the other man, make it count
Don’t miscount, take a second to recount
All the things I‘ve done, must account for none
Done before we even begun, left with this gun
Its okay Hun, all will be well
No need to dwell, speaking my last farewell
One thing going through my head
One click ahead, to make my brains spread

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