Lego Bricks

December 19, 2007
Masterfully designed
medieval castles, dusty old westerns,
or space stations in orbit
all displayed atop my dresser.

Multi-colored blocks comprised
walls, automobiles, people.
Depictions of life
or fantasy,
innocently sculpted
by an adolescent mind.

Yellow brick men
strewn across the flat,
mahogany surface
Battles between
feuding Lego colonies
action scenes, petrified in place
at perfect moments of exhilaration.

or tranquil displays
birthed from familiar surroundings
my bus stop,
my living room,
my childhood.

When blistering sunrays
turned monkey bars
into searing grill tops,
sand castles erected
piece by piece,
above my sock drawer.

While frost gathered
on my bedroom window pane
miniature snowball fights
burst from my Lego box,
and assembled
atop my cupboard.

As days drifted by
the brick formations
so diligently devised,
gathered dust.

The line between innocence
and experience grew thin
as walls, automobiles, people,
shoveled aside
to clear space for
my television.

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