"The Dandelion Spirit"

September 10, 2009
By Anonymous

All natural features on Earth have a place,

The grass is for our lawns,

The snow blankets mountains,

And the trees live in our backyards,

All natural features on Earth have a purpose,

Why not use flowers as decorations?

A weeping willow will do for shade,

And while it weeps for no reason,

The dandelion–though she's a natural feature on Earth–has no place and barely a purpose,

She rises from the Earth's core,

And stands before manicured lawns,

Only to be plucked and never seen again,

However, her spirit lives on,

As an inspiration to never give up.

The author's comments:
Of course, I know snow can be seasonal or is never/always around depending on where you live and that a lawn isn't the only place for grass. I'm also aware that trees can pop up anywhere. Please don't have a superficial attitude towards this poem and DO NOT forget to comment and/or rate. Your support is much appreciated and critique doesn't hurt my feelings.

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