"Soldier" To Pain MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   "Soldier" to Pain

The tears comingfaster and faster,
Stream down my face.
My breath comesin short uneven gasps,
Making my head spin and spin.
Thepain is too much.
Too much to hold inside anylonger.
I'm no brave "soldier,"
Like I thought.
I'mno "soldier,"
"Soldier" to pain.
I thought because I wasa good athlete,
I was a "soldier" to pain.
Every type ofpain.
I proved myself wrong.
Because deep downinside,
I'm just a girl ...
A girl who should go homeand play with her dolls ...
A girl who's father shouldshelter her ...
A girl who should take cooking classes, and...
But I'm not that type of girl.
Deeper down inside,I'm a strong person.
I feel no pain.
No pain except onekind.
The kind that makes my heart beat faster andfaster,
And gets ready to explode ...
The kind thatmakes tears stream down my face,
And form puddles at myfeet ...
The kind, the kind ...
Too many kinds.
Painof losing someone,
Losing someone who I loveddeeply.
Losing someone to ... pain ...

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