God's Will

July 9, 2011
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As I was watching the movie, The Kingdom of Heaven, I scoffed every time some silly roman leader went and shouted, "It is God's will!". Now, I'm not trying to make fun of God. I believe that, there is a God. Perhaps. I'm kind of in between still.
But the thing is, we make our own will. We control ourselves, essentially. Even if some think that "God is punishing me for this" or "God did this to me because of...", maybe its just an experience or consequence that allowed you to move forward. In simpler terms, Occam's Razor.
Now, if you do find that God is truly watching your every move, so be it. Just because you tripped on the sidewalk today doesn't necessarily mean that God is punishing you. It probably means that you should be more careful. And actually look where you're walking. If you won the lottery doesn't mean that it's God's reward to you for stealing your brother's lunch earlier that day. It just means you got lucky. But you might not get so lucky next time. If we, ourselves, learn that our actions, our misfortunes and luck, the way our lives lead, are all just a part of life itself. And that, is what I think God's will truly is.

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