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Saving Grace

January 23, 2018
By WhiteFireWolf99 BRONZE, York Haven, Pennsylvania
WhiteFireWolf99 BRONZE, York Haven, Pennsylvania
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Tanuk, or more known as Grace get's the fate of the world placed upon her shoulders when she is approached by Ubaid, a servent sent by the God of Death himself. Osiris, Anubis' brother is looking to take over the Underworld and kill his brother if needed. If this were to happen, the balance of the world would fall off and it could be the end for everything we know and love. As like any normal teen, she's not too sure of herself; Grace is worried that she won't be able to save her father and then in return save the world. However, when one of her best friends ends up dead, she is moved to fix everything before it is too late. 

Shelby R.

Saving Grace

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