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Journey to Manahiem

January 3, 2018
By CRJarvis, Springville , Utah
CRJarvis, Springville , Utah
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   In the beginning, one of the judges of the Manahiem government, Judge Vernon, informs the lead counsleor Bartholomew that another mysterious attack has took place not too long ago, creating a link of odd assaults. The judge believes that it couldl've been a creature that was made by a certain company known as the Rogue Nation. However, Bartholomew neglects the delirious idea saying that creation was forbidden and such things would never happen. 

   Five days later, a young girl named Lisa Goldberg ponders about the loss of her father who had recently gone missing. Soon, another judge of the government and his apprentice Torin arrive at her family's apartment. While the judge talks to her mother, Lisa sits outside with Torin and forms a new relationship with each other. Before he and his mentor leave, Torin tells Lisa to meet him at midnight right across the street to discuss something. 

   Later in the night, Lisa leaves her bed and follows Torin out into the dark, vacant streets of the city of Manahiem. Torin, however, believes that the Rogue Nation could be the answer to Lisa's father and his disappearance. But all goes well until a flash of six red eyes appear in a nearby alleyway... 

Coleman J.

Journey to Manahiem

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