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When the Stars Stop Shining

May 20, 2016
By Lyetta, Bird City, Kansas
Lyetta, Bird City, Kansas
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    Onora had always lived in a world with no stars. It had been this way for centuries so it didn't phase her one bit. Although they only vaguely learned about the stars in school, they still sounded amazing, but not amazing enough to take her own life. 

    Since the stars disappeared, millions of people all around the world were taking their own lives. Onora found this absurd because they're stars and there are many other wonders of the world to see, so why kill yourself over something so minor. 

    While walking home and contemplating these thoughts, Onora meets a very mysterious man headed to the forest. Onora thinks nothing at first, but then something about him was calling her name. She begins to follow him. Clueless of the fact he'd change the way she looked at life forever. 


When the Stars Stop Shining

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