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January 29, 2016
By Kayllalla, Saint Helens, Oregon
Kayllalla, Saint Helens, Oregon
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"shE hAs nOthIng tO dO wIth thIs."

"Now she does." She replied, indifferent to his anger which took the appearance of knife-shaped tendrils of smoke that rose from his shoulders.

"gIvE mE A dIffErEnt pUnIshmEnt." He demanded.

"No. This is just what you get. You shouldn't be surprised."

"shE hAs nOthIng tO dO wIth thIs!" He shouted. The room began to rumble and darken. It looked like the blue bedroom walls were closing in on the girl, but she didn't seem bothered by it. Instead, she remained sitting comfortably in her swivel chair.

"Now she does," She said, gazing at him seriously. "And that's your fault, isn't it?" She raised her brow as he glared at her. Surely the expression on his face was the pure essence of hate.

"Besides," She continued casually. "Your victims don't feel any less worse than you do right now."

He growled at her, and the room slowly began to settle back to normal means. "thEY wIll lIvE."

She paused and uncrossed her legs, finding herself less relaxed than she was just moments ago. "Are you saying that this would kill you?"

He didn't respond. He only glowered at her silently with bitter remorse.

"You can't just commit suicide over a human girl." 

"YOU cAn't jUst tAkE hEr sEcOnd chAncE AwAY frOm hEr."



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