Limelight of a Thief

May 13, 2012
By Megan Blair, Amery, Wisconsin
Megan Blair, Amery, Wisconsin
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During a nice morning walk, a middle aged lady finds herself running into a penny. With this penny she is suddenly remembered of her past and the way such a little thing like a one cent coin had changed her life.

In her flashback she remember the theater she called her home. She remembers the people that lived there with her, including her father. Most importantly she remembers the actress whose name was Madame Faustine Zelia and her fancy ring with a penny welded to its front. Fascinated by the penny, and fuelled with curiosity, she ventures to find the secret to this ring. However, things don't go as she had planned them to. Instead she finds herself in the center of a big mistake.

Megan B.

Limelight of a Thief

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