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Good Enough

March 14, 2018
By enaille, Granville, Ohio
enaille, Granville, Ohio
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Liza is a senior and she is ready to get out of Hudson, the small town she has lived in her whole life. Though she wouldn’t admit it, she’s also a little scared to leave Hudson, because she has no idea what she wants to do with her life, unlike it seems everyone around her including her best friends, the annoying student body president, and even her freshman sister, who has unreal artistic talent. Liza may be over high school, but she’s not ready to move on into her unknown future.

Eleanor is a sophomore and introverted cheerleader who cannot get out of her own head. Though she’s a powerful tumbler, she struggles with feeling insecure and anxious about what people think of her. Her sister Liza always tells her to “act confident and no one will question you,” but Eleanor believes this is easier said than done. She finds herself wishing she could be confident, outgoing, and well-liked, but she also knows that what she does now, read in her room all the time, is not going to get her there.

Corinne is a freshman and has been looking forward to high school ever since High School Musical came out. She can’t stop obsessing over what she’ll wear to Homecoming and basking in the attention of having a cool senior sister. She can’t wait to go to her first Homecoming, her first pep rally, and her first football game, and she gets to do it all with her sisters by her side. The only downside to being in high school is getting compared to her sister Eleanor, who is only a sophomore and already the best tumbler on the varsity cheer team. Corinne’s not sure she’ll ever be on varsity, especially since she doesn’t even have her back handspring.

Liza, Eleanor, and Corinne are sisters and they’re really close. But with the pressures of high school, they can’t help but compare themselves and be jealous of each other. All of this typically simmers beneath the surface, but a school pep rally where each sister has her moment, leaves the others feeling insecure. Can their inseparable bond keep them together?


Good Enough

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