Clean Slate

November 17, 2015
By Anonymous


Savannah has always seemed to have her life together. She has the grades, friends, and supportive family. So why is she so eager for a clean slate? For the chance to begin anew. The fear of finally leaving home and being on her own does not over power her excitement of her new life. But all this excitement and nerves is not just because she is finally going away to college. No. There is something more. The fear of seeing someone. The nerves of having to face someone she is not ready to face. The fear of not being able to learn who she really is. The fear of always having a shadow lurking behind her, reminding her of who she was before and never being able to move forward.  On top of that she is constantly worrying about someone who used to be very close with her and who now has a little life to take care of. How can she learn to find herself and learn who she really is when she is constantly thinking about others? How can she get her clean slate when so much of her past is intertwined with her present and future? Is there even something such as a clean slate? 


Clean Slate

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