January 14, 2013
By irene9637, Mahwah, New Jersey
irene9637, Mahwah, New Jersey
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I want to cry. I was homeschooled since five until last December, the middle of the freshman. My parents said they love me so much that they can’t send me to the school. They were always too protective that I can do nothing without them until a month before my parents got in a bad mood. Now I am 14 and half years old which I am applying for a freshman.
After few weeks, after I became best friends with Dillon, and don’t have any other friends, a girl name Cherry Blanco comes to me, “hi, girl. Can I talk to you after class? Room 13, exactly 3 O'clock.” She left before I can barely speak. Once I heard she is a leader of the cheerleader and she is the most popular girl in the school, and she just talked to me.

Irene C.


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