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There is Two Sides of a Person

February 15, 2017
By Alexis_c, Claremont , California
Alexis_c, Claremont , California
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Ana is a girl who's mom has cancer. Her mom can afford treatment so, she was given only a few years to live. Ana may have to go into foster care because her family can not take her. Ana's dad left her a couple days before school started and died in a hotel room because of an overdose. 

Ana is now in school were she acts popular and pretty much everybody wants to be her or her friend Ashley who is the leader of there group. Ashley picks on people and bully's pretty much everyone. Ashley does something horrible to someone and Ana helps break it up. Ana meets a new friend throughout the story named Jess. Jess is very shy and not popular.

Towards the end of the stour Ana finds and note in her locker. It's from some guys that she had knows since kindergarten. At the end of the story her mom takes a turn for the worse and Ana thinks her life is over. 


There is Two Sides of a Person

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