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The Book of Poems and Speeches from Teenagers

May 4, 2015
By Mastermind2K16, Wilson, North Carolina
Mastermind2K16, Wilson, North Carolina
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This is a book of poems and some speeches that myself and a few of my friends have written based off of our emotions and feelings. We write these poems based on how we feel every day. I, as a writer and teenager, know how we teenagers feel: angry, mad, upset, happy, unstable, calm, stressed out, and more that I could name. Some of the speeches that I say make me happy and others around me inspired to do great things in life. We as teenagers all have something we want to achieve in life. And we always strive to achieve that certain goal or achievement. Even if people push us down, we need to get right back up, and walk with our head held high. Even if emotions bring you down, talk to someone about how you are feeling and they will cheer you up. Think about the positive things and push away the negative things in life. But remember this - Even if us teenagers fall, we will get right back up and keep moving forward.

Alicia D.

The Book of Poems and Speeches from Teenagers

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