Shadows through the Glass

December 11, 2014
By Onrie, Newport, Michigan
Onrie, Newport, Michigan
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Nothing exciting seems to happen in Seattle.  That's Maisie Aura's thought.  She's just waiting for something interesting to happen.  Having every boy in her school in love with her gets pretty annoying pretty quickly, she's discovered.  When she sees a mysterious person appear to her one day, she's completely confused and left questioning everything.  Who was it, and why would it happen to her, of all people?

Paxton Hodges has never been one to be social.  He likes to keep his distance and keep his mouth shut.  Everyone has so much to say about him already, why help them out?  His usual mute self is challenged when he's practically forced to work things out with someone he doesn't even know.

Zoe B.

Shadows through the Glass

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