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Being a Teenager

November 27, 2013
By Anonymous


Sometimes you might be wrong but you try to prove yourself right. We all make mistakes, some mistakes can never be forgiven, and some mistakes we keep them a secret. After all we are humans, none of us are perfect.
In this world everyone will put you down, they will try to tear you apart, you will be used. Your trust will be broken by the ones you love, you might even break their trust. But you got to be strong; you have to believe in yourself.
You don’t need anyone but yourself to survive. You entered this world alone, remember?
Don’t trust too much, don’t love too much. Nothing of too much is too good.
Always be yourself and remember that ‘life goes on..’ it doesn’t stop for anyone, you might be broken or devastated but you can’t take a break from life...
You have to learn how to be a teenager; you have to learn how to face life. You have to understand and see the world and be smart enough to face it all by yourself, no one’s there forever, nothings forever. You have to be your own hero.
And mostly importantly, your not the only one in this world with problems. There are people out there with bigger ones.
There's a certain point in life when you finally give up and feel like you've had enough. Things go across your mind. You feel lonely. You get all these sudden mood swings, and when people ask you "what happened?" You have no reply, cause your just so blank yourself. Sometimes all you want to do is give up or maybe surrender.
Sometimes you think to yourself
"Even after doing so much, being so kind and generous, this is what I get?" It hurts, it pinches. And maybe that's what keeps going on in your head all day. How do you know? Something does happen. But you know someone had told me that we make our problems sound to big and all but they aren't compared to others, I was told that seven year old girls were/are used for prostitution in parts of the world. But hello? I'm not them so I don't know. And I don't know how they feel. I know it's sad and stuff but that's the world can you change it, no right? If not the world at least couple a people. Us even after being educated act like illiterates, so I just don't see any difference. We can do so much. We got to improve the people of this world. We got to start from ourselves. Not everything happened the way we want it too. It takes lots of hard work and effort. We need to be strong enough to not to give up and not to break down.


Being a Teenager

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