Red Fish (Supernatural Fanfiction)

February 17, 2015
By DerpHerps, corinth, Texas
DerpHerps, Corinth, Texas
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Day Five
Even though Sam hadn't gotten any bigger, Dean had gone out and bought a larger fish bowl, and a fish to go in the tank. His reason behind buying it had been that so Sam would not be lonely when Dean had go to out someplace. Now, the new tank was set up with the fish in the bowl and Dean had just put Sam in it. His little brother was swimming around looking curiously at the small treasure chest that had come with the bowl.
Sam looked up, took one look at the fish that was now swimming in front of him and leaned back away from it, his little eyes wide with shock. Dean shouldn't have laughed at all, but he found the whole scene cute watching as Sam tried to get the fish to play with him, but it only swam around the bowl. The fish ignoring him was something that Sammy did not seem to appreciate at all as he sat on the bottom of the tank pouting at Dean. "Sorry buddy it was get you a fish or put you in a tank with a frog," Dean told Sam as he went about opening the can of peaches which Sammy saw and went right to the surface holding his hands out eagerly.
Carefully, Dean gave Sam the piece of fruit, and then picked him up in his hand letting him eat. "Alright you bath time." The look of annoyance on Sam's face made him grin as he brought his little brother back into the bathtub and picked up a small child's toothbrush he had gotten. The water in the sink was already warm and soapy as he dipped the brush in it carefully scrubbing Sam with the toothbrush. Sam seemed to actually like it judging by the purr that came from his brother. It was a couple of minutes before he let Sammy down into the water in the sink.
"Tub!" Sammy chirped happily looking at the tub with longing eyes. "Tub!" Dean picked Sam up and placed him in the tub, turning on the water and filling it up. Sam seemed very happy as clapped his webbed hands, splashing in the water before he tugged on Dean's hand. "In."
"Only because you asked," Dean said with a smile at his little brother, stripping down to his boxers again before he got into the tub holding Sam in his palm. His brother hugged his thumb, kissing it before he grinned up at Dean, jumping into the now full tub of water. And that precise moment was when Dean heard the flutter of wings and glanced over to the entrance of the bathroom, seeing Castiel, a confused look on the angel's face. "Hey Cas."
"Dean what are you doing?" he asked, a hint of disapproval in his voice, looking from Dean to Sam and back again, arms folded over his chest.
"Playing in the bathtub with Sam, what does it look like Cas?" The angel just shook his head. "What is it?"
"Found a lead, Sam could be back to normal as early as tomorrow night." Castiel paused look at Sam who seemed to have puffed up his cheeks, and he took a step back. "I will call you if I find out anything else." Just as suddenly as Castiel appeared he was gone with a rush of wings.
Dean looked down at Sammy with sad eyes, he had unknowingly become quite fond of protecting and caring for his little brother, and he had even enjoyed it. The moments over the past few days even though at first he had thought he would completely hate it. Playing with Sammy in the bathtub, the rubber duck, watching him eat the peaches and talk with baby talk. And as he watched Sam swim, as much as he wanted to continue to watch Sammy have him be small and act similarly to what he had when they were little, he knew that Sam had to be returned to normal.
It was another couple of hours before he and Sam were settled down for the night, Sammy sleeping on the bottom of the fish bowl that rest on the nightstand, his little thumb in his mouth and Dean lay beside him on the bed just watching his little brother till he eventually fell asleep. The night held dreamless sleep for Dean, at least for the first part of it; the next was filled with memories from when Sam was a kid, and how Dean always took care of him no matter what. That was his job, his first and foremost responsibility, to protect Sammy, his baby brother. How had he been so blind to see that?
The next day Dean spent the entire time in the bathroom with Sammy watching and playing with his little brother, knowing that soon this would all come to an end and no matter what, even if Sam didn't remember any of it, he would be a better brother for him. It was, all in all, a relaxing day, nothing major happened and the only time that Dean left Sam's side was to go get food for himself and even then he rushed right back to Sam. It was as if Sam could sense that Dean was feeling nervous, as he never strayed very far away from him while in the bathtub, even if it was just clinging to his hand.
Nighttime came and Dean paced back and forth, Sam asleep in the fish bowl on the nightstand. Where the hell was Castiel? He should have been there by now… The more minutes that came and went, the more nervous Dean became, slowly bordering on frantic when Castiel and the last person he would have expected appeared in the room. Castiel was gripping Gabriel's arm tightly, glaring at his brother as he pulled him forward. "Fix it Gabriel."
"Cassie seriously you gotta lighten up, it was the best way to teach the hard head here a lesson," Gabriel said tugging his arm away from his brother's grip, placing his hand on his hip, rolling his eyes. The arch angel turned his gaze to Dean, and smirked at him. "Was going to change him back tonight anyways you certainly have learned your lesson."
"What the hell are you talking about Gabriel?" Dean snapped, his eyes blazing with rage towards the former Trickster. "What lesson?"
"Jeeze Sam really is the smart one isn't he? Well Dean, the lesson that you can't stop being someone's big brother and your little brother comes first. You learned it again, bravo, good job."
"You son of a bitch…"
"Don't say such harsh things about Castiel's mom Dean." The smirk had stayed on Gabriel's lips, as he held up his fingers ready to snap. Dean, however, could feel the anger radiating off of Castiel, the angel was probably humiliated that his brother would do such a thing, or say something like that. "So tell me Dean should I turn Sammy back now?"
Dean nodded, and the archangel snapped his fingers together. The next thing Dean knew, it was the next morning. His eyes snapped open and he sat up, his eyes turning to the bed beside him, which was empty. Where was Sam? His heart was racing thinking that Gabriel had played a dirty rotten trick on him, when he saw the fish bowl that still had the fish in it and the door to the bathroom opened to reveal Sam.
Sam looked at the surprised look on Dean's face as he toweled his hair dry, having just come out from a shower. "Damn Dean you look like you haven't slept in several days… And why do you seem so surprised to see me?"
"Sammy…what was the last thing you remember?"
"It's Sam and falling asleep last night. Why?"
There was a smile on Dean's lips as he shook his head and stood up, pulling Sam into a tight hug, ignoring his little brother's protests (and the fact that Sam was in nothing but a towel). After a moment, Sam gave his brother a one armed hug, sighing softly. "Dean what's up? Not like you to give out hugs at random or for no reason."
Dean pulled back and smiled at Sam. "Just glad you are here with me Sam," he said and winked at his brother going over to the bed and sitting down to pull on his shoes, having slept in his clothes last night. "Get dressed we're going out."
"To get some pie where else." Dean shot Sam a grin, his brother simply rolling his eyes in response. "Peach pie perhaps…"
"Sounds like a plan." With that Sam got dressed, and the brothers left the motel room for the nearest diner, in search of peach pie. Sam's eyes had seemed to sparkle at the idea of peach pie, and Dean knew that deep down Sam knew what happened whether or not he could remember, but that sparkle told him that his brother knew. And that made Dean happy, cause the one thing he wanted was to be able to be the big brother that his Sammy deserved.

Sierra S.

Red Fish (Supernatural Fanfiction)

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