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When Will it End?

September 29, 2016
By Spirits BRONZE, Kremmling, Colorado
Spirits BRONZE, Kremmling, Colorado
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Rachel Cream is just an ordinary sophomore at Red Valley High school in Colorado.  A few weeks into the year she’s getting bullied and called names, and then the unexpected happens. Keith Richman happens. She keeps her secret to herself after seeing how happy her family is. Her mom, a grocery worker is diagnosed with cancer and stuck at the hospital. In an act of anger during her art class, Rachel tells her two biggest secret. After her best friend, Nala, finds out the truth she tells Rachel that she can no longer be friends with her. She realizes that her whole world is falling apart around her. The mysterious Nick, a guy she’s never even paid attention to, may be the only one left who can help her.  

Gina M.

When Will it End?

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