To the Boy and To the Girl

February 12, 2012
By Anonymous

A boy in my class has autism. The teacher knows this. She treats him special. She smiles when he shouts out and walks around. She is patient with him.
A girl in my class has something wrong with her. She doesn't like to speak. Her brain is broken sometimes. The teacher knows this. She yells when she doesn't answer her hard questions. She yells when the girl does not do as she asked. She has no time for her.
The teacher loves the boy and hates the girl. The girl is 'weird' but the boy is 'fine because he cant help it.'
The boy loves school and live. The girl hates them both. The girl doesn't know why the teacher hates her.

The girl is more special than the boy. The boy will live for a while and everyone will love him. The girl has brain cancer. The girl will die and never know why. No one will like her she will die alone, sad that the teacher never liked her.

The author's comments:
Children are a gift. Some people in my school don't get this. This piece is fictional but based on two amazing people I know. Sadly the girl is bulled not by a teacher but by peers. She is special and doesn't deserve what people say about her.

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