May 18, 2011
By Anonymous

I feel it. The Earth stops, and I feel sick, faint. Every morsel of light pierces my eyes with a force stronger than two space crafts colliding with tremendous speed and stamina, every sound shreds brutally through my ears, causing the drums if my ears to spontaneously burst. Every smell corruptly cringes my nose with disgust. And the sense of weariness, fear, and anger fill every fiber of my body. Finally the boiling hot tears flow from my ducts down to the point of my chin, slowly dropping in temperature into a stone cold chill to fall lifelessly onto your teasing picture. As I become weak and lame I feel the numb abandonment flourish through my veins, gradually eating away at my inner thought causing me and my imagination to decay in self pity. Its hard to imagine that all this agonizing pain is expressed in this minuscule pool of tears. Time runs slowly, just like the tears that fall for you. I may never find sanity again.

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