how to stop a treadmill?

June 8, 2010
By Anonymous

It happened at the Y.M.C.A in Coon Rapids. It was over Christmas break. I decided to go exercising on the treadmill. I have never been on a treadmill before.

This new technology treadmill is new because it has a touch screen and a place to put your iPod. I thought it was cool because I saw people that had iPods put it there. So I got on the treadmill. I pushed in the speed and my hand flew up and I went faster than I had gone before. I was running really fast, I was hanging the bars. It was to fast, so I almost flew to the other treadmills. I felt like I was going faster than the people going already. I was kind sore of because I had a bloody leg, I didn’t scream because it was a incident that went to fast.

My mother saw me fly off the treadmill and
saw me on the floor. There were two staff members that worked there. They helped me up and one of them said, “You were so lucky nothing else had happened to you”. It looked gross because there was skin left on the treadmill. So we went to the office they clean my cleaned my leg and bandaged it up my mother filled out an incident report then we left. I cried a little bit. I had to walk down the stairs. I was in pain it hurt really bad.

I went to the store to get antibiotic ointment and gauze and put it on my leg. We had to go the emergency room to get it checked to make sure it wasn’t bad. The doctor ripped it off and put burn cream and new bandages. He said it was a second degree burn. Then within 1 or 2 weeks it was heeled. I won’t go on any more treadmills because I am afraid to go on.

The author's comments:
its about an very embarrassing time

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