August 30, 2012
By Krazy.Katie GOLD, Sparks, Nevada
Krazy.Katie GOLD, Sparks, Nevada
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"Stay with me, please, Please don't go." I screamed with a wet cold tear falling down my face and hitting his shoulder. We were standing by my bedroom door hugging ever so tightly as if not wanting to let go. 
Tomorrow he was leaving,  His dad got a new job and descided to move the family across the country from New York to California." tonight please don't leave me alone!" i screamed  with a few sobs in between words. My beautiful beautiful brown waves bounced as we untangled ourselves from each other and walked to my bed. We sat  infont of each other sitting chriscross. Streaks of wet mascara ran down my perfectly clean face, i looked at my hands for while  thinking nervously and then looked up into his face. He was pretty gorgoues, he was the hottest guy in school, star football, basketball and baseball player so naturally he had huge muscles and a nice six pack . His hair was short but with just a little of hair sticking up with gel he used. I don't know how or why he went after a girl like me. The star volleyball player when he could have gotten the head cheerleader as they always do  " we could do it you know, run away, me and you." I began to think about it, leaving my family, (what very little i had) they wouldn't care they were always gone on business trips and i was the only child. "you would do that? What about your family?" i said with a cracky voice from crying for hours. "as long as I'm with you i don't care where we go or where we end up" i smiled and nodded as if agreeing with a decision. He smiled with his beautiful white straight teeth as if likening what I had agreed to.   I could see him there with the city lights,  fourteenth floor pale blue beautiful eyes, I could just breath him in.  No I could not want him more as I did right then as our heads leaned in. Well  i wasn't sure what this was gonna be but with my eyes closed all I see is the skyline through the widow the  full moon above him and the  busy streets below. I hold my breath as where moving in, taste his minty lips and feel his baby soft skin. "When the time comes baby don't run just kiss me slowly" I said out of breath from our long kiss. He nodded and we resumed kissing. We spent the night together with his arms around me not letting me go. In the morning we packed our bags in my black Chevy equinox and drove. We left notes to our parents telling them our decision and it seemed they didn't  mind because they didn't come after us. It didn't matter where we went as long as we where with each other at the end of the night kissing each other slowly. 

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I had a dream about this exact situation. I hope you guys like it(:

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I LOVE that song! Kiss me slowly by Parachute. So clever of you to use that in a story! Song lyrics in a story...Nicely done :)

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